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Interview | Questions And Answers With Mark Loren



Interview | Questions And Answers With Mark Loren
After his usccessful meta-remix of Robin Schulz’ “Sugar”, Mark Lorne is back with another track that merges the sounds of pop, dance and rap perfectly. In this exclusive interview we talked about his new single “Comment Te Dire Adieu” + interesting aspects from his artistic life.

1 – When and where did you start your music career?

My music career started in the nineties. When I was studying music at university, I started writing songs for dance labels. However, in 1998 after my graduation (in Disciplines of Music, Art, and Performance at the University of Bologna) I was hired by a record company in Milan as the International Business Affairs Manager. So, I decided to put my career as an artist aside to focus on the artist management side of music for awhile.

In 2009 I moved to London. I started to collaborate with the official remixer for The Black Eyed Peas and other producers and writing songs for other artists like Corona. After years of work in the music industry as an artist manager and songwriter, I have just recently decided to restart my career as an independent artist as Mark Loren.

2 – Meta-remixing seems to be a very innovative term that you have applied in the past. Where does this idea come from?

I conceived this new term and concept after having mixed 4 official remixes of the track “Sugar” by Robin Shulz at the same time. It happened by chance at a live event last January. I didn’t know what version I should play since I liked all of them. So, I just said to myself “I like all of them…? Ok. So, let’s play them all!”. Crazy! The first meta-remix was born.

The term “meta” comes from my studies in semiotics. It means that by meta-remixing what you achieve is a new track or mix with a distinct identity, i.e. the “remix of the remix”. I invented this new mixing technique, but anybody can meta-remix. Just follow the rules I have written in my “Manifesto of the Meta-Remix” on my site It’s funny, creative and challenging!

3 – How could you describe your feelings when your meta-remix of the classic Robin Shulz “Sugar” became a hit?

You are right. This promo was critically acclaimed. But it was a success only in terms of visibility. As you know, the meta-remix by definition assigns all rights to the original writers, producers and remixers. Any way, it was definitely rewarding, especially if you consider that high professionals in the music industry and critics considered it even better than the original track. When you realize that your track is spun all around the world and DJs thank you for it, then you say: “Wow! They got what I was trying to communicate!”

4 – What can people expect from your new single “Comment Te Dire Adieu”?

All I wish is that people will sing and dance happily to the song. When I was a child, I was struck listening to my mother humming along with this song. So, by making a rework of the classic Francoise Hardy’s hit, I wanted today’s generation to feel the same emotions that people felt in 1968 when it was originally released. When I finished producing the track I surprised my mom with a private listening in the studio. It was love at first listen and she was moved.

5 – “Comment Te Dire Adieu” also has a Rap feel. Are you also a fan of Hip-Hop music? Is there any artist in this genre that you admire?

Oh yes, I’m also into Hip-Hop. I like the vibe and rhythm strength of rap. In particular, I admire all the artists who are able to make a crossover genre and then communicate to a wider audience through rap. For instance, T.I., Pitbull, 50 Cents, Eminem and Will.I.Am are amongst my favorites.

6 – Is this track intended for a French-speaking audience? Why?

Not at all. It’s a song for a global audience. The original song from the artist Hardy, despite having been sung in French, was an international hit in the sixties. In England, my re-work was supported very well by DJs. The single reached number 11 on the Music Week Chart. However, I produced five remixes by Westfunk and Italian DJ Max Porcelli, and three of them are sung in both French and English.

7 – We know you have collaborated in the past with Corona, Bob Sinclar, and many other major artists. Basically, what service did you offer them?

Thanks for asking. I would like to make a couple of things clear. Most of all I have collaborated with some major artists like Corona, as a songwriter, which is definitely the main service I offered. In other cases, as I did for “Comment Te Dire Adieu”, I produced the song with the official remixer of Bob Sinclar, not with or for Sinclar. So, in most cases, I didn’t collaborate with them, but with their team of DJ producers and official remixers.

8 – Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Ahh, there are several artists I’d love to work with in the future! Probably too many. However, if I have to mention a couple of names, I would be very honored if one day I could collaborate for instance with a fantastic pop producer like Will.I.Am or with a great female singer like Lana Del Ray.

9 – How good was your experience at your last live performance? Was it a big or small event?

In my artistic career, I’m much more focused on the studio recording, producing and writing music, my real love. My last live performance was not a big event but it was a success. My favorite live performances were definitely the gigs I had in Ibiza last summer. No other place for me can be compared in terms of feelings and emotions. Every DJ should play there at least once in his or her life. It’s not a matter of playing at a small or big event or the size of the audience. Even it’s an underground venue, what makes the difference is the special energy you have in Ibiza.

10 – Are you planning to release an album for 2017?

Interesting question…Am I planning to release an album for 2017? Check it out on my official websites and If it happens, ELECTRO WOW will definitely be the first to know.



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