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Interview | Questions & Answers With Miss Krystle



miss krystle

Photo by Tony Mandarich Creatives

Discover more about Miss Krystle in this fun interview. She just released a new music video for a cover of The Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows”. We don’t only talk about the present, but also her past and other personal subjects of interest. Give it a read!

1 – Hey Miss Krystle, thanks for your time. How are things with you so far?

Things are exciting right now for sure! I just released my latest music video, God Only Knows and was lucky enough to be added as a “Top 10 Band to Check out at SXSW” this year by Symphonic Distribution. I’m thrilled to be showcasing at SXSW March 16! Anyone stopping by can check out my show details here.

2 – What artists and bands did you grow up on? 

I grew up listening to the classical greats (Mozart, Bach, Beethoven), as well as some of my Mom’s favorite artists (ABBA, Sarah Brightman, Yanni). When I finally came into my own, I listened to a lot of pop and rock music. My playlist was included, Britney Spears and Marilyn Manson. That contrast has continued, tried and true, with my musical taste, and the music I create today.

miss krystle interview

Photo by Larry Alan

3 – Who taught you to sing?

My mother. Classically trained, she is quite the remarkable singer herself, and continues to perform and create music today as Joanne Jolee.

4 – I’m literally addicted to your recent cover of The Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows”. Why did you choose this classic?

Thank you. 😊 This is quite possibly one of the best-written songs of all time. How could I not!?

5 – Is there any other song you would like to cover in the future?

Absolutely! Covering other artist’s works is a moment to pay tribute to those artists. One group, I am committed to covering, specifically given their influence on me growing up, is Destiny’s Child. YES PLEASE! Love strong females.

6 –Last month, you released a music video for your original single “Relevant”. Why does it look so futuristic?

I evolve into an exterritorial for my “Relevant” music video. You see the alien exploring herself and her environment throughout the video, and that is really the message I wanted to convey. We are all aliens deep down, and need to embrace what makes us beautiful and different, and to always explore who we are.

7 – Do you believe in extraterrestrial life?

I’m not naïve enough to think that we are the only life-forms in the universe, but I do not really know. On the other hand, you can talk to my producer though (That Orko). He drags me outside all the time if/when he sees anything slightly suspicious. He is most definitely a believer!

8 – Your last album ‘Woman In Motion’ was launched two years ago. Do you think 2018 it’s the right time to share with your fans a new record?

‘Woman In Motion’ was a very successful record for That Orko and I, and we followed it up end of 2017 with our ‘Inevitable’ EP. There are some of our strongest songs to date on our ‘Inevitable’ EP, including “Inevitable” and “Relevant.” We are working on new music now for 2018!

miss krystle woman in motion

Photo by Shot By Jonny

9 – On another subject, what made you become vegan?

I became vegan because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time. College was unlike anything else for me (in a bad way), and after 2 years of seeing every doctor and specialist, trying all kinds of tests, I decided to give diet-modification a try. It was nothing short of a miracle what happened. Within 1 week on a vegan diet, the symptoms that had so long impacted the quality of my life completely disappeared. I have never looked back.

10 – Something that always attracts a great deal of attention must be your iconic red hair. Have you ever thought about trying a different hair color?

I am a normal woman. I get sick of my hair from time to time! Instead of chopping it off, or changing the color, I just put on a wig and remember, this too shall pass. 😉



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