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Interview | Questions & Answers With Nick Vivid



nick vivid
I’m 100% hooked on the funky groove of “Ricochet” by Nick Vivid. Not so long ago, he released the ‘Blissed Out’ album, which will please everyone with its vintage sounds. In this interview, The NYC-based artist talks new single, and shares his views about his music project and other important topics.

1 — First of all, what were some of your early influences?

KISS, MTV, lots of early Hip-Hop and Glam Rock.

2 — Is an artist born or made?

The intangibles and passion can’t be taught, but the rest is certainly created in the conscious ego.

3 —How would you define your own music style?

Intensely relaxing.

4 — What makes “Ricochet” so hypnotic and irresistible?

The swirly hook that circles around. When I visualize what hypnotic music sounds like, that circular repetitive motion is definitely a key component.

5 — Your new music video features a unique creative 70s aesthetic. Why do you love so much this era?

I just think everything was cooler back then. The movie “Dazed And Confused” probably made me this way.

6 — What are the lyrics exactly about?

Realizing that some things in life might be a losing battle but knowing I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t go for it anyway.

7 — How has the music scene evolved over the years in NYC?

Pretty much the same as everywhere else. Bands used to build a following by playing clubs and pressing cassettes and singles. Now some of my favorite local artists exist merely on Bandcamp. I wish I could see some of them live, but they don’t play shows. As far as the styles, you still get everything but it is in pockets without any central hub to tie it all together like the venues used to do. I think many artists don’t have a sense of direction since touring is so expensive and getting a record deal is no longer a goal. That idea of artists challenging each other to push it a step further seems to be a little lost because there’s no reward for doing so. But I would like to see that make a comeback somehow.

nick vivid interview
8 – Why are there so many music collaborations lately? Do you like the idea of collaborations?

The idea is fine. Too many SoundCloud rappers want free beats, though. I’ve done a few collabs in the past and I like the other artists I’ve worked with. It can only be a win-win situation if everyone gets to shine and everyone works equally as hard to contribute and make the track great.

9 — Where’s your favorite place to perform your music? Why?

I did my release party for my latest album, ‘Blissed Out’, at a club called Berlin in NYC and it had all the right elements. It was small, the stage was low to the floor, and it had a loud sound system. Those are my favorite kinds of places to play.

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10 — Finally, are there any upcoming projects that you are working on?

I’m planning a fall tour at the moment. I just purchased the van and I’m currently writing this from Shreveport Louisiana while in my way back to New York. I’m also starting a campaign to raise awareness on the dangers of benzos like Xanax and Klonopin. My mother recently passed away due to the painful withdrawal side effects of using these drugs as prescribed by her doctor. She never abused them. Most people don’t but they still destroy lives and families. If you can help someone not fill their first prescription then maybe you can help save someone’s life. See for more information.



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