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Interview | Questions & Answers With Nuke The Soup



nuke the soup
In this interview, we talked with Mark Davison, the lead singer, and mentor of Nuke the Soup. In general, he explains what characterizes his band and the new single “Network”, which explores a social issue linked to the media. This tune is taken from the 8-track album ‘Deeper’. Read on to learn about this project.

1 — What kickstarted your passion to form Nuke the Soup?

Nuke started as a way to combine my passion for music and watersports like surfing and windsurfing. “Ocean” and “Filled with Dread” are examples of our earlier songs with water themes.

2 — What do you look for first when creating a new track?

I need to be saying something lyrically. I don’t just write to write. And it’s got to go somewhere melodically with interesting chord changes.

3 — How many years have you been active in the music game?

Too long. Nuke is my 3rd serious band, but the first one that I am the primary driving force.

4 — Right now, what is the most challenging thing as a band?

As the driving force of Nuke, I find that I am also the major financier. This is not so much an issue during recording, but it’s hard to justify the expense of rehearsal and touring, as guys in the band are older now, and need more income.

5 —Do you see your new single “Network” as a form of protest?

I would say it’s social commentary.

6 — What inspired you to write the lyrics?

The original inspiration was the dawn of CNN and the 24-hour news cycle. Before that, we took those like Walter Cronkite seriously.

7 — Are you against Consumerism and the media in general? Why?

I wouldn’t say I’m against it – it just is. But it’s worth taking note of and not falling into the trap of thinking wars and mass shootings are just another everyday event.

8 — How do you promote your music today?

We promote to College, AAA, and Non-Commercial Radio. Over 100 stations have added ‘Deeper’ to their playlists and we are currently #20 on national airplay chart. We are hoping videos and social media will also get the music out there.

nuke the soup interview
9 — What about live performances? What can fans expect from your shows?

We do pretty faithful renditions of our songs and the songs are good if you’re lucky enough to see us. Because of our schedules and the expenses, we are not touring a lot on this record. I am doing some acoustic shows, on air at radio.

10 — Finally, what does the future holds for indie artists?

There’s a lot of great music still being written every day and if you’re young and willing to pile in a band with a bunch of like-minded folks, you can still make it happen!



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