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Interview | Questions & Answers With Otto Orlandi



Interview | Questions & Answers With Otto Orlandi
Learn more about Otto Orlandi in this exclusive interview. Besides being a DJ he is also known in the industry as a Multi-Platinum & Awarded Ghost Producer. We talked about his new single “Fever”, which is the result of a collaboration with RAYNE & Karmello. Get all the facts here!

1 – Hey Otto, welcome to Electro Wow! What was the main factor/influence in your life on your decision to start music production?

Thank you so much for having me here today! I really cannot identify a specific event in my life that made me decide to become a music producer. I have always been passionate about music and it has been an essential part of my being. I think that working in the music industry was always the only thing I had in mind and the only career path that could make me truly fulfilled and happy.

2 – How long have you been active in the music industry as a Producer & DJ?

I was still a teenager when I first got into the world of music production. My first job in the music business was at the Como Fashion Café, the most popular club in my hometown Como, Italy. I started as a lighting designer at the club and also took care of promoting and management. After that, I decided to make production work the sole recipient of my focus and energies. In 2012, I enrolled at Music Academy of Como and got my degree in sound design. Shortly after, I released my first breakthrough song, “Bells at Midnight”, and that’s when my career as a producer took off.

3 – Have your musical tastes evolved much over the years?

I have always been in love with Pop music and EDM. Since I began my career as a producer, I tried to take inspiration from the big names in the music industry while always focusing on creating my own sound. I’ve always wanted to make music that makes people feel good. I keep that as a guideline for when I try to perfect my craft in the studio. However, throughout the years, I continuously tried to keep my mind open to better understand how different styles and influences could help me improve my sound.

4 – How did you come about collaborating with RAYNE & Karmello on your new single “Fever”?

I met Rayne & Karmello at the Promo Only music conference in Atlantic City in July of 2017. We immediately had great chemistry as a team and we had a similar vision about what we want our sound to be like. I had a positive feeling about having a collaboration with them. I contacted Rayne and Karmello shortly after the conference was over and they agreed about the project. A few months later, we were in the studio working hard on the release of Fever and that’s how it came to be.

5 – Where did you take inspiration to produce the single?

For the release of “Fever”, I wanted to experiment something new with my sound. I have had for a while the idea of producing a track with funk and jazz vibes. Funk Wav Vol 1 by Calvin Harris and the sound of Jamiroquai were definitely massive sources of inspiration in the realization of “Fever”.

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6 – When did you start ghost producing for other artists?

I began working in the studio shortly after I obtained my degree in sound design. As I gained more visibility thanks to my releases, I managed to obtain work contracts with several artists signed by Sony Music and Universal Music. I produced at Capitol Records in Los Angeles, Abbey Roads Studios in London and X-Level studios in Stockholm. I have a few big projects coming up soon, but you guys will have to wait a little longer for that.

7 – What’s the most challenging part of ghost producing?

I think that the most challenging task that comes with ghost production is to bring out the full potential of the artist’s talent without drastically changing his personal style.

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8 – Finally, what motivates you to continue pursuing your passions in the music world?

At the moment, I think the biggest motivation are my fans. After my first few releases, I received a lot of positive feedback from the EDM and Pop community and that made me feel truly happy and fulfilled. I want to keep producing music that transmits positivity and good vibes so that everyone can enjoy it.



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