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Interview | Questions & Answers With Owen Paul



Interview | Questions & Answers With Owen Paul

Owen Paul is probably best known for his classic hit “My Favourite Waste of Time”. But what if I told you that he has released an “Amazing” new track? Perhaps, it is also interesting to discover that this single has been remixed by the talented StoneBridge. Well, I was very lucky to interview the legendary Scottish musician that has remained constant in the artistic world. Stay informed about his latest project down here!

1 – Since when did you decide to return to the world of music?

I’ve never really been away, to be honest. It’s just that I decided to work more behind the scenes in production, musical arranging, running a theatre in the west end of London and more… I’ve never stopped writing songs since I was a teenager, I just didn’t feel the need to release them for approval so to speak lol… the process of composing was more than enough for me.

2 – What are the things from the 80’s you miss the most?

Most definitely TOP OF THE POPS… a weekly catch up on TV of all new music releases, chart risers and fallers either weird or wonderful is sorely missed I think. I understand and accept that nowadays the charts changes so rapidly that it has all but lost it’s appeal but I still think it’s a great shame the industry has gone that way.

3 – What made you want to release your new single “Amazing”? What is this song about?

It was quite obvious to me and the few friends I played the demo to that it was the most commercial and immediate song I had written for some time so we thought.. hell why not give it a go. The subject matter is quite simple and straightforward but incredible nonetheless. That we humans can reproduce new life still blows my mind and maybe we take it for granted.

4 – I’m loving the upbeat StoneBridge remix. How was it possible this great collaboration?

In 2016 to celebrate 30 years since the release and success of “My Favourite Waste of Time” we recorded some new dance remix versions. One of the guys we asked to contribute was StoneBridge but he said no lol… However he asked did I have a new song, which I did, fortunately…he did his magic on “AMAZING” and here we are.

5 – You sound literally “Amazing” on this track. I’m curious to know how you take care of your vocal chords?

As a smoker, I am not the best example of how to take care of vocal chords but at the same time, I have many years of experience and learned vocal techniques (posture, breathing etc.) which I apply ruthlessly… this seems to do the trick. I have actually never missed a recording session or a gig due to a sore throat in thirty years or more.

6 – Do you consider yourself a fan of the EDM scene?

To be really truthful I have no idea what that means… StoneBridge sent me many examples of his work with Usher, Britney Spears and more before he did “AMAZING”… If that is EDM then I am very much a fan, thumping grooves and stylish musical treatments… I love it.

owen paul
7 – Is there a rule when it comes to writing a new song?

Only one… mean it!!!!

8 – In your opinion, what technological advancements have affected or improved the music industry?

Computers, digital recording, and the internet have revolutionized the industry and collaboration are instant… I have never actually met StoneBridge for example but we have done some good work together.

9 – Are you planning concerts or live shows in 2018?

Most definitely… I will be doing a mixture of 80’s festivals and shows plus at the same time performing new material at many events… I’m very much looking forward to getting out there… live is best no question.

10 – How can people check out your new music and connect with you?

All of my music is on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, HMV and more… just search Owen Paul and away you go. You can also find me at, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


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