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Interview | Questions And Answers With Patrick Dreama



 Interview | Questions And Answers With Patrick Dreama

Patrick Noppert aka Patrick Dreama has been in the electronic music scene for over two decades. As an experienced artist from the Netherlands he probably knows a lot of things about the European DJing culture. He’s currently promoting his newest Trance single “Last Travel”, on different social networks and I admire this man because, despite his busy schedule and different responsibilities, he never lost the interest to continue making music.

1 – How did you get started making music?

Well, making music came after I started spinning records in my bedroom and had my first real big gig at the Escape in Amsterdam. There I met Robert Verkerk (Guitar Rob, RBA and the producer for DJ Astrid). Robert liked my style and invited me to come over to his studio to discuss productions. Together we produced the DJ Peddo (my first DJ name) remix for DJ Astrid her track called “The Spell”. Back then I was more telling what I wanted and Robert did the work hahaha. That is where it all started.

2 – How does your music style has changed over the years?

It has changed a lot!! This could be considered a good thing but maybe it’s also my biggest trap. I like almost all the electronic music at the moment but you have to make choices because nowadays it’s impossible to DJ or produce all these styles. I started out with Hardcore and fell in love with Trance. When that died a little bit I went into Progressive House (the older stuff) and slowly moved into Tech House. After that, I started to love Vocal House and ended up in Techno when I met my buddy Jamez. There was one red line in that story, I never stopped listening and loving Trance. When my partner wanted to focus on other stuff I decided to go back to Trance with a new name.

3 – I have read that you have produced more than 50 tracks in your entire DJ life. What has been the most meaningful track you’ve produced up to date and why?

All of them are meaningful to me really but if I have to pick one it would be Jamez & Soulboy – Sexy Lady which was released on Omnis Recordings. With “Sexy Lady” both our styles merged perfectly and it was the first record we produced which had the potential to become a big one. We all thought so but in the end, it was just a nice record hahaha. The record was also the start of a long and still ongoing friendship between me and Jamez and us and Omnis.

4 – What was the inspiration behind your latest track “Last Travel”?

The track was produced during an offshore trip in Brunei. Because it was going to be my last trip to Brunei, which meant no more long travels from the Netherlands, the name was easy. The inspiration for the music just comes and goes. I call it my layering in my head process. You start with a pad and hear a lead, piano, and extra stuff. In the end, you will have everything for a track.

5 – Has “Last Travel” been remixed yet? Would you like to add some vocals in the future?

At the moment it has no remixes. The decision was made with Blue Soho Recordings to release the original together with a radio version. Let’s see how the track will do during the next few weeks and maybe we can start thinking about remixes for a second release next year. That’s where vocals could be a part of it as well.

6 – Are you also working in the offshore industry? Is it hard to combine your day job with your DJ career?

For many years I chased the dream of becoming the next big thing as a DJ/Producer and sell out big stadiums and headline major festivals. But at one point you just need to look into the mirror and be a realist. I have had a great “career” in the late nineties with a lot of traveling and fun but completely missed the boat that needed to bring me to stardom. I work in the offshore industry yes and it sounds weird but it is the ideal combination for me now when looking at my DJ career. I am in a 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off schedule. During that on a period I just produce some rough ideas on my laptop (when I have a few hours off) and during that 4 weeks at home I start working on them in my studio. Basically, I don’t aim for a real professional career in music anymore. I will be producing records and do gigs but I need to work around my real job.

7 – How popular is the Trance scene in your hometown Schagen?

It is not hahaha. Schagen is a small town and there are no major clubs over there. Don’t get me wrong, it is a wonderful place and sometimes they have parties (Tech House & Techno) but Trance just isn’t a big thing in my area.

8 – What are your “must haves” at a show?

Ehhh..a great crowd and a great sound system?!? I really have no special wishes during gigs to be honest. Just make sure all the equipment is working and I will be fine.

9 – How can your fans get ahold of you? What social platforms do you like using most?

During my trips offshore I sometimes have a slow connection when it comes to the Internet so staying in touch on all social media platforms is hard. I have chosen Facebook and SoundCloud as my main platforms. Facebook because of the interaction and SoundCloud so I can see the actual stats of plays. I just love seeing my plays go up which means people are actually listening to my music! So if you need me you know where to find me.

10 – What piece of advice do you have for aspiring Trance DJs out there?

Guess it is the same story everyone will give them. Do what you like and if you believe in something just go for it. It’s a hard world and you have to do it yourself but just have fun and enjoy. Don’t expect to be the next Armin, Sied or Markus it probably won’t happen but when you look back in a few years and produced some great tracks and made some friendships on the way then it was all worth it!!



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