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Interview | Questions & Answers With Project X



Project X
Project X
knew music was his passion from his teenage years while starting off with FL Studio. Having production credit on projects from many of today’s hottest Hip-Hop stars, in addition to singles with 24hrs, He has climbed out of the trenches and worked his way up to the top of the game. The LA-based artist who is currently signed by 808 Mafia talks about his artistic path and his life in this interesting interview.

1 – First of all, what is your life motto?

“Just work harder” a lot of artists go through doubts and complain when things don’t go their way yet. Just work harder. That’s all there is to it. Everything could work out the way you want it to as long as you just work harder! I’m living proof.

2 – Do you remember the day you started creating music under the alias Project X?

I used to actually go under the name of poppaaahx (pa-pa x) beats. It was a name I picked when I first ever made a Snapchat in middle school then I just ran with it for a bit when I started making beats. but then one day I had linked up with somebody to record a tag for me before I ever had one. After a few tries, I told him to stop saying poppaaahx and to try Project X instead. It just sounded so good. It made sense. People already called me X.

3 – What is the most difficult challenge you have faced as an artist?

Just dealing with real-life shit. There are your dreams and then there’s reality. I’m not sitting behind my laptop making beats 24/7. I have a life too. Shit happens that might throw you off in life. Unfortunately, I had lost one of my best friends on July 2nd, 2019. Two days before my first placement had come out. (“Work 2 Hard” by Zoey Dollaz) Then I had lost my grandfather right before I had signed to 808 Mafia. Those were probably the most difficult challenges I deal with even to this day. Keeping that motivation through everything by any means.

4 – Where do you draw your inspiration from?

All the people that I work with. I’m so blessed to be around such amazing and talented people. Being around these industry producers & artists really push me to go harder because the bar is set super high. I come from a place where there’s nobody really making beats like that. When I had started, I didn’t have anybody to surround myself with for inspiration as I do now.

5 – Is there any dream which is not fulfilled yet?

I’m still positioning myself for the future. Once I’m able to give my friends and family everything that they want/need, I’ll be satisfied.

6 – What’s the best advice you have been given from a musician you’ve collaborated with?

I remember being in the studio with DY Krazy in ATL one night. He was telling me how he heard a few songs Future had done on my beats before we had linked that night. I was explaining to him how excited I was for “Gucci Bucket Hat” to come out way before the world even knew about the song.



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