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Interview | Questions & Answers With Ryan Villadsen



Interview | Questions & Answers With Ryan Villadsen
Ryan Villadsen
is an independent producer from Texas. Despite the fact he is not signed yet to any label, his music features rich textures that worth taking the time to listen to. No doubt, Ryan’s initiative will take him far in his artistic career. If you want to know more about this rising talent, then check out our interview below.

1 – Why do you like electronic music so much? When did this passion start?

Well, when I started making electronic music back in 1999, it was a way for me to make my own music my way all by myself. Before that, I was basically a rock/metal guy and I had a reputation for being a good guitar player. I taught myself to read tablature at age 13 and quickly progressed from there. Previously I was a piano student at age 9. But when I started producing I knew electronic music was the way to go and I listened to as much of it as I could and grew to love it.

2 – How have you seen the electronic music scene develop in your hometown over the years?

There isn’t one as far as I know. My niece tells me they have an EDM night and a few local DJ’s play at a local bar and I sound way better than them lol. I have never performed live, I just produce. It’s always been my dream to just make the music for artists, or even for film or television. I have always loved the way that music can make a film so meaningful and really make it connect with people on a deep level.

3 – Do you see music as a hobby or as a side job?

Honestly, right now music for me is something that I am driven to do, it’s almost like my personal therapy for myself.

4 – How would you describe your own style?

Hopefully just mine! I don’t want to be another growling dubstepping banger guy blending in with everyone else. I hope that my originality or my unique sound will help me to stand out, be different.

Interview Ryan Villadsen
5 – Do you prefer producing original tunes or remixing existing ones?

I prefer making original tracks of course, but sometimes a song comes along that I feel like I have to put my own twist on it because I like it that much.

6 – What would you say is the most challenging part of remixing a song?

I would have to say living up to the original. So many remixes are pointless if the original is still completely better than what you’re doing, then why remix it? You have to do something different but still accentuates what made that song great in the first place instead of turning it into something unrecognizable.

7 – I like the remix you did on Lana Del Rey’s “Young & Beautiful”. How was its creative process? Are you currently working on a new remix?

Thanks. Actually I have done very few remixes, but when I heard someone else’s remix of the song, I remembered how much I loved just hearing the little bits and pieces of It that you hear in the movie “The Great Gatsby” and how moving it was, that I just had to try my own remix. I did it last Sunday, it was a simple remix, nothing too special, but just accentuated what made that song so beautiful. I may be doing more remixes in the near future though, it was fun!

8 – Have you managed to find some time to collaborate with a vocalist in the studio?

Unfortunately no, I get all my vocals from the FL Studio Harmor plugin “Vocals Resynthesized by Victoriya” it’s a pretty useful tool, except that you are limited by the phrases they give you and then you make the melodies. My goal as a musician/producer is to work with vocalists like that someday.

9 – Do you think about whether your children will follow in your footsteps and become musicians/producers themselves?

Yes, my oldest son (14) is showing interest in learning FL Studio and is playing around with it. He loves Rap music and wants to make “beats” and I show him a little here and there. My youngest (6) could care less at the moment and is my most honest critic lol.

10 – Finally, what are your goals as an artist?

My goals as an artist are simple. I just want to make music that people hopefully will enjoy or get something out of. Most people are all about lyrics, but for me, it’s always been about the music behind the voice that moved me and I’ve always been awed at music’s ability to connect with you without saying a word. But when you combine the right vocals with the right music, you have something really powerful, I want to produce for that artist, whoever they are.

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