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Interview | Questions & Answers With Sena Kana



Interview | Questions & Answers With Sena Kana
I had the honor of interviewing Sena Kana, a Japanese Pop singer who recently shot to the top of the iTunes charts in Europe. At the same time, she released a wonderful music video filmed in Norway’s capital Oslo. We chatted about her single “Live Your Dreams” and many important things about her music career.

1 – Is it true that you developed your singing talent during high school?

Since childhood, I wanted to become a singer. I knew that in order to get the basics, I needed to start from classical music. That is why I decided to enter the conservatory. And to do that I started learning classics in high school. And later the conservatory helped me to develop my abilities, widen my musical range and add some new spices into the vocal.

2 – Did your one and only dream come true after being #1 at iTunes European Charts with your debut single?

Actually, it is not my ultimate dream. But achieving #1 was a big surprise for me. Of course, I am very pleased that the audience rated my debut single that high. My dream is for as many people as possible to hear my song, and thanks to the chart I am one step closer to my dream coming true.

3 – What helps your dream come true?

Always thinking about my songs in the daily life and believing in my dream. My ultimate dream is to for as many people as possible to hear my songs. But aside from that big dream, on my way to this dream, there are a lot of small dreams, small wishes that I would like to fulfill, and I have them as many as there are stars in the sky. For example, I wanted to perform in front of thousands of people. I wanted to go to the fjords, and by feeling the nature and the universe better convey the deep meaning of the song. And because I believe that I can fulfill these little dreams, these little wishes, I did it. I went to the fjords during my PV shooting, I performed in front of a big audience in Poltava. I feel like by the gradual realization of my small wishes I am getting closer to my big dream too.

4 – Why do you sing in English rather than Japanese?

I want to bring my songs to the whole world, and English is the best language for this. Because through my songs I want to bring joy and inspiration to the audience.

5 – Who were your musical idols growing up?

I wouldn’t say that I have idols, I listen to different kinds of music. Since childhood, I have been listening to The Beatles, Celine Dion, Diana Ross, Julie Andrews (since I loved musicals), and Japanese Pop music. I think that they all had an influence on my professional growth. Now I can also add to the above Adele and Ed Sheeran, whom I like the most, and others. I listen to different kinds of music, and I think that it’s all wonderful.

Sena Kana - Live Your Dreams
6 – Why did you choose Norway’s capital, Oslo as the location for your “Live Your Dream” video?

Oslo’s modern architecture is very beautiful, and the way that it is combined with nature – is just unbelievable. When I saw the photos that the director showed me, I knew at that very moment it was going to be very beautiful. Oslo Opera House – is amazing, it’s like a spaceship! It became our first location. Another big argument in favor of Oslo was the fact that you can easily go to the fjords by car from there. I have always wanted to go there. And since this song is about dreams coming true, I thought that filming PV in Norway will help to make the message of the song even stronger.

7 – How do you write song lyrics?

In this case, the songs is a result of blending the work of Stockholm friends’ team, the Kiev team, and my imagination. It all starts with the theme I imagine, which my team takes as a basis, and the final decisions are made depending on how the result fits the images that I have in mind. We make the lyrics the same way, and I think that’s thanks to that my message and my feelings are 120% conveyed. In “Live Your Dreams” there are even Japanese words in the chorus. The song production process is very long. We discuss, revise and correct many times. The ideas, which become the basis of this process, come to mind suddenly. I may wake up in the morning and a small piece of lyrics for new songs may already be floating in my head, or when I look out of the window while sipping coffee, some ideas may come to mind, and sometimes something can become an inspiration. Anyway, there are no rules.

8 – What type of fans might be attracted to your music?

My music is positive and opened to everyone. I wouldn’t point out a certain type of fans. It is popular with children, adults and the elderly, so it is still difficult to identify the main audience. But, judging by the concerts, there are certainly more young people.

sena kana
9 – How is going to sound your next single? Can you give us any hints?

My new single will be positive and light, as always. Just like the previous one, we make this song with the team from Stockholm. It may be a love song, or maybe, a song about the universe? It’s a secret. But I can tell with all certainty, that it will leave behind an amazing feeling for those who listen to it.

10 – Can we see you soon performing live?

You can see videos from my live performances in social media. Or if you want to feel the magical atmosphere while being in the audience yourself, just wait for the news about my upcoming shows.



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