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Interview | Questions & Answers With Sonny Noto



Interview | Questions & Answers With Sonny Noto
US-based producer Sonny Noto has collaborated to produce the wonderful “Tell Me” with Gil Sanders. Summery, soulful and powerful, this track has the ability to immediately grab the listener and transport them to sunnier climbs. It makes us wish summer was here already – and we want to know how he did it! We caught up with Sonny to learn more about our new favourite track.

1 – So Sonny – can you sum up the inspiration behind the name and why you chose it?

We wanted to make a track that anyone can relate to. The idea was to make something that just ‘feels good’ when you listen to it and has that fresh summer vibe! I feel like sometimes it’s hard to tell someone how you feel, whether it’s in a relationship or just everyday life interactions. So we hope “Tell Me” and its amazing melody inspires people to feel good and express their feelings.

2 – It’s a really great track; do you think it’s a sign of things to come in the future for you?

Yes, I believe so. I still listen to the track every day and feel that it has inspired me to make similar good feeling music! I am working on several projects this year and I am very excited for what’s in the works.

3 – Do you have any particular influences you think went into this tune?

I’ve loved the good vibes sound of Axwell and Tom Staar as long as I can remember.

4 – How long did it take to complete the track from start to finish?

The track took about 3-4 weeks to be completed.

sonny noto interview
5 – What was it like collaborating with Gil Sanders, and what did you both bring to the track?

Gil is an awesome person. He’s so positive when it comes to making music that it makes the collab that much easier! We used Skype to connect via our studios for live sessions, so we worked back and forth together until we came up with the main idea. It really was a collaborative effort! We have a new release called ‘Sonata’ coming out soon too.

6 – Was there a specific moment you knew the track was finished or was it a slow burner that took a lot of time to perfect?

Towards the three week mark we pretty much had the arrangement finished and that’s when we felt it was done.

7 – Do you have a method to starting tracks and was this one unique or similar to usual?

I don’t really have a specific method when starting new projects. Gil and I just decided that we wanted an awesome summer feel-good song, so we went with using the piano to give the track that emotion we wanted to create, and from there on it was magic!

8 – Finally, where can we get our hands on the track?

The track is out now on Beatport and can be streamed via Spotify!

Check Out “Tell Me” Here:



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