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Interview | Questions & Answers With The Ultraverse



Interview | Questions & Answers With The Ultraverse
The Ultraverse
is an electronic music group from the Netherlands made up of brothers Huub and Jos van Loon. In this recent interview, these guys get open about their new single “Looking For Love”, and they reveal exactly detail to detail about its production, plus the upcoming EP that will be released soon.

1 — Welcome to Electro Wow, as brothers what’s it been like working together as The Ultraverse so far?

First off, thank you so much for having us! We both studied in different cities, so kind of grew apart from each other over the past years. But at the same time, we developed a mutual taste for electronic music, Jos through DJing and Huub through producing and working as a session musician for countless acts.

The Ultraverse was the outcome. It feels very natural working together this closely but we also get to know each other on a whole new level. Luckily, we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses from the back of our hands so in a way makes it easy to complete each other.

2 — Tell us a bit about the journey behind your new single “Looking For Love”?

“Looking For Love” really started with a surge of inspiration. One of those songs that came easily and just needed to be written. Actually, it all started out with that very specific arpeggio sound and then built the song around it. The melody was there and then the lyrics followed naturally. No sweat and tears this one.

3 — How much input did you have in the songwriting side of the single, are you both involved across the whole production process?

Huub comes up with the main musical ideas and makes a first draft. Because Jos has so much experience as a DJ he really knows what works well live and what doesn’t. So, most of the time he comes up with new ideas and feedback on the rough draft. Huub then goes back and wizards that into a more final production. For the specific song, we wanted to work with someone who really gets these sounds and could take it to the next level with mixing. Chris Allan (mixer for a.o. Howling, The Acid) really added that extra to the song that makes it what it is.

4 — The lyrics have a deep & meaningful feel, where did their underlying inspiration come from?

Actually, the whole first EP that will come out soon is called: ‘A Wiser Man’. Every song is a little chapter of a bigger story. We wanted to describe the journey of our 20’s and the restlessness that comes with it. This song, in particular, is about the confusing stuff surrounding love and lust and the grey area in between. If you know what I mean ;-). We all want to become that person that makes good decisions in life but the road there is long and windy and full of booby traps and awkward tinder dates.

the ultraverse interview
5 — Are you planning to release any remixes of the record?

Yes, as for every track on the upcoming EP a remix will be made in collaboration with upcoming as well as established producers. First out was Tom Zeta’s (Diynamic) rework of “Home pt. II” and also “Looking For Love” is being remixed as we speak. What kind of version would the Electro Wow community like to hear?

6 — We see you’re on the road with live shows, what’s the touring aspect like & how does it compare to being in the studio?

We love playing live shows and being out on the road and connecting with the people that listen to our music. We have a really cool team with a guitar player and we see our engineer as one of the band members because he plays such an important role in our live shows.

Playing live is also an essential part of the production process. Before a song is finished we will have played it live a dozen times and we adjust the songs after every show.

7 — And finally guys, tell us what else you have in store for the remainder of the year?

It’s going to be an exciting year. In a month, we’ll be releasing our first EP called ‘A Wiser Man’ with a release party 1st of June. Remixes of the EP will follow soon to form the remix EP, ready to rock the clubs. And we can’t wait for summer and touring of course!



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