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Interview | Questions & Answers With Theodore



Interview | Questions & Answers With Theodore
Trying to describe Theodore‘s music style is not an easy task, but I would dare to say it has an attractive cinematic/atmospheric element. In case you’re a lover of Alternative Rock melodies, you’ll probably get hooked on his new single “Spit Blood Out”. The multi-instrumentalist, composer, and performer talked with us about a new album that will come out this fall. Get all the first details right here!

1 – First of all, what’s the most important thing you want people to know about your upcoming album?

In the beginning of December, we went to a studio in Hamburg without me having any idea for the music or inspiration. It was a very dark time for me because I had a big urge to write music but I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to do it. We stayed in this studio for 10 days working 20 hours per day, and in the first 3 days I had the whole album composed. It was like it was writing itself, or my urge to write music exploded. In total, we worked 43 days in 3 months, having to travel to Europe and US for festivals too. The album was put together perfectly, in a magical way. I can’t wait to share it with the audience.

2 – How much progress has been made with this record? When is the release date?

I can proudly say that the record is 100% finished. The release will happen in the fall.

3 –We know you are currently promoting its second single “Spit Blood Out”. What was the inspiration behind that song?

The whole album is about the battle between the two different sides of a human; consciousness and subconsciousness. Spit Blood Out is inspired by the final struggle to gather all your strength and prepare for the ultimate inner battle.

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4 – What movie do you think this song would be a perfect soundtrack for?

Fight Club maybe.

5 – How many people were involved in the production of “Spit Blood Out”? Do you always work with a band or independently?

In the production of the whole album, including Spit Blood Out, 11 people and the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra were involved. I like to write the music and all arrangements by myself and then work with my band to get the live feeling from them. In this album Vagelis Moschos, my producer and sound engineer, affected the music a lot because he was great in helping me find the best version of my musical self and create the best sound for everything.

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6 – Are the rest of the tracks from the new album based on Rock music?

I think the 2 singles that we released are the most up-tempo ones and have the most rock sound. Generally, I find it very difficult to describe my music with words. I think the album is intense and cinematic.

7 – So far, which one is your favorite? Why?

I treated my whole album as one musical work and not separate songs, so I can’t really choose one. However, there is one song that has only piano and vocals. I only did two recording takes for this one, and artistically it was the most intense experience of my life.

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8 – Despite being from Greece, you have also received an overwhelming international support. Do you consider yourself successful?

I consider myself a lucky person because I can be on stage and have these amazingly intense, emotional and almost orgasmic experiences. This feeling is highly addictive and I’m glad I can fulfill this addiction.

9 – Your fans love so much your live shows. Where can we see you soon performing your new music?

In my upcoming Portuguese shows, I will perform some of the new songs for the first time. I also have concerts planned in Greece for the summer, and from September onwards we will be touring in Europe, starting from Sweden, and presenting a new audiovisual show.

10 –Finally, what are some things you enjoy to do when you are not making songs?

I enjoy writing music for films and theater a lot. I also enjoy being on the Greek islands and meeting new people, but unfortunately, I haven’t had much time for this in the past few years. But everything for music.



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