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Interview | Questions & Answers With TRXD



is a dynamic duo from Norway that have released hit after hit since 2016. Perhaps, you’ve heard before their original productions such as “Wherever You Go” and “Our City”. This time they’re back with “Vice”, and we discussed all the details in this exclusive interview. Check it out!

1 – First of all, what do you hope listeners take away from your new single “Vice”?

We want to make our listeners feel something, whether it be happy, sad or emotional. “Vice” is kind of a happy, careless jam.

2 — Which comes first, melody or lyrics?

For us, it’s the melody. But we try to complement the lyrics and make the music tell the same story as the words.

3 — Who wrote the lyrics, what is the message behind this song?

The song was written by multiple writers, among them Caroline Ailin who co-wrote Dua Lipa’s “New Rules”. It’s about making the wrong choice over and over again even though you know it might be wrong. You don’t listen to your own advice.

4 — Please tell us about the gear and the equipment you used in the studio while working on “Vice”.

Serum is our go-to synth, probably the one we use most. “Vice” also has a couple of layers with acoustic and electric guitar, which gives it a more organic feel. We probably used one of our hardware synths for some of the sounds as well, I can’t quite recall. The vocals are recorded with a Warm Audio WA-87 through the Universal Audio Apollo 8. The plugins we use most are definitely SoundToys, Waves and stock Ableton plugins.

TRXD interview
5 — What is the role each one of you play in the overall music production process?

It’s really not that much of a difference, both of us basically do everything. We switch back and forth. It’s very effective!

6 — What do you think about the current state of EDM? Is the scene over-saturated?

I feel like EDM is less prominent. To be honest, the term EDM have become so broad it’s hard to know what EDM-music exactly is. Seven years ago EDM was Progressive/Electro House etc, suddenly Trap was EDM. Now even straight up pop gets categorized as EDM. It’s like every genre that’s made on a laptop is EDM. But yeah, there is a lot of producers coming up, the competition is hard. That’s not a bad thing, it pushes everyone to work harder and get better.

7 — What’s the most underrated song you’ve ever produced that deserves way more attention?

Jealous, we think that’s a really cool song.

8 — Have you ever considered starting a separate solo project?

We both produce a couple of things besides TRXD, it’s nice to have an outlet for what you can’t do with TRXD. But our main focus is TRXD and producing together, we have a good chemistry and understanding of what we want to accomplish.

9 — What can we expect from TRXD in 2019?

We’ll be releasing a lot of new music, play shows and better our Instagram game!

10 — Finally, what would you do if music is totally erased from this planet?

David would be a chef. He watches food shows on YouTube every day. Truls would be an engineer or a fisherman. He has a bachelor in engineering.



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