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Interview | Questions & Answers With Wanice



Wanice interview
In a candid interview, singer, composer and dancer Wanice opened up about her amazing music. She’s planning a tour for the coming year due to the release of her most recent project ‘WANICE-REMIX’. I was very eager to ask a lot of questions and she had no hesitation in answering them. Read on below to learn even more about her upcoming shows!    

1 – As a classically trained singer do you put into practice any special singing technique?

I am considered Dramatic Mezzo-Soprano. Certainly, the classic base provides me some comfort to put into practice what I have in mind. However, due to my performance in several musical projects, my singing became a combination of styles. I apply from Jazz improvisations and sensual interpretations of Soul to the energetic attitude of Rock. Nowadays, I face myself as a POP singer with a certain richness of vocal resources.

2 – Why did you move from Rio de Janeiro to Berlin?

Rio de Janeiro is beautiful in essence. A province spiked in an agitated and festive tropical paradise. But as an artist I feel impulsed by the discovery. Berlin always inspired me for its mutability. The city gets an irresistible charm by the high creative potential from the huge mix of cultures. Even the cold weather can be considered as an invitation to the muse. I am totally at home.

3 – What do you miss most about your city?

I miss the relaxed beach lifestyle. The sound of the waves, walks along the promenade, tropical-colored clothes and all the sensual atmosphere. But in order to get all the positive effects, this must be temporary to me. I use to spend vacations at the end and beginning of the year in Brazil when we have our summer.

wanice artist
4 – I noticed your new songs feature an electronic dance music vibe. What made you change your style?

I am a very curious person and I always try to live a fast life renewing my concepts. The challenge of new experiences keep me alive. Since I arrived Berlin the Electro universe catches my attention. I started to visit the Techno parties, nightclubs, and I felt impelled to dive in the style and see how I could contribute. Finally, I am really satisfied with the results, after reaching a distinct sonority. I worked on a combination of Techno, Electro, Rap, Samba and other typical Brazilian beats.

5 – Which is your favorite tune from your last record? Why?

For ‘WANICE-REMIX’, I composed ten songs which are already recorded. But till now just four of them are officially released. Talking about the available tunes to the audience, “No Toy, My Boy” is one of my favorites cause it helped me to awake a sleeping side. I write about many years articles, poetries and I am also finalizing a book, but when it comes to lyrics, it used to be hard to express. At WANICE – REMIX the narratives flowed like a river. And yes, the history of “No Toy, My Boy” really happened to me!

6 – How did the idea of the ‘WANICE-REMIX’ show come about?

I feel more a performer than basically a singer, as I am also a dancer. When I think about music, suddenly I have in mind choreographies, scenarios and other aspects of production. At ‘WANICE–REMIX’ I finally realized the possibility to put into practice all my creativity. The last project GENAU was focused on the vocals arrangements.

7 – Are you going on tour next year? What cities will you visit?

This year was dedicated to the development of ‘WANICE-REMIX’. It was a long journey between compositions, recordings, rehearsals, production and a powerful release party last September. For 2018, we are working on tours to Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and Switzerland. Night Clubs in Germany and Electronic Festivals in Europe are also part of the program. But it is still not possible to give names owing to the current negotiations. From February the events will be at our site:

8 – How would you describe your upcoming shows in just three words?

Sexy powerful experience!

wanice tour
9 – How many people will collaborate with you during your live shows?

We have a very nice team of dancers, DJ, afro percussions, stage, sound and light assistants. ‘WANICE-REMIX’ was developed in partnership with Emersound, co-musical producer, the Techno masters Marcos Mezza and Paulo Sapiaín from Chitakay Soundlab and represented by SunRio Records.

10 – Finally, do you have any pre-show rituals before going on stage?

Prayers and holding hands do not do much for me. But I have the sensibility to check if the team is ok or if someone needs extra energy or support. I am there for them and for my audience as well. I want to be my best.



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