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Interview | Questions & Answers With BIGTIME3



Interview | Questions & Answers With BIGTIME3
NYC based group, BIGTIME3 is known for their highly energetic music. These guys have passed through clubs such as the world famous Webster Hall and Marquee on the main stages. “Moving On”, BIGTIME3’s first single, debuted on the Billboard Dance Club Song Chart at #49 and peaked at #26. They are already preparing new tracks for this current year. But before that, I interviewed them in order to discover almost everything.

1 – What’s the origin of your artistic name ‘Bigtime3’?

BIGTIME is a word most commonly used in sports when a major play is made or describing a huge event happening on the news. BIGTIME grabs peoples’ attention and makes them listen and we wanted to have that impression with that word. 3 stands for the people involved, Matthew, Vinny and we feature a third where someone else can showcase their talents.

2 – What are the roles the each of you play in the duet?

We are actually 3 people when performing. All of us mix when we play inserting our own feel for music.

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3 – Have you ever released music as independent producers separately?

Not yet. We have only released music under BIGTIME3.

4 – You first enjoyed success with your Billboard hit “Moving On”. How did this help launch your music career?

We have been DJing for a combined 10 years in local clubs and hotels. We really did not take this very seriously until about two years ago when we decided we wanted to learn how to produce by taking our actual thoughts and ideas creating actual songs with them.

5 – Is there a secret formula to get on the Billboard charts?

Our record label, 418 who released our track really helped with the promotion of “Moving On” getting us remixes by legendary artists like Stonebridge and Dragos. In total, we had 5 remixes done of the song that appealed to many different genres of music that helped us breakout onto the Billboard Dance chart.

6 – What’s the name of your latest single? How would you describe its sound?

“Moving On” is our single which is a collaboration with SpikedGrin. This song was written in the summer of 2016 when we were all going through issues and felt so strongly about it so we wrote down our ideas and put the track together. We went for a poppy catchy sound that everyone could sing along with. It is in the big room category but definitely has a cool house sound to it.

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7 – Would you like one of your idols to record a song with you?

We would love to work with Don Diablo, Jauz, Skrillex and Martin Garrix.

8 – How do things differ for you now, after having worked together for more than 10 years?

Now we are more confident in our skills mixing and producing and we have focused much more on building up our brand. We see each other every day and spend a lot more time in the studio producing.

9 – What’s your favorite part of DJing? Are there any upcoming shows on your agenda?

Our favorite part is watching our fans and the crowds enjoy are music and vibe with us. That feeling is priceless. We are in the process of planning a tour for this winter and early spring to showcase our single “Moving On” and a few more unreleased tracks that we have been working on.

10 – What’s next for Bigtime3?

We are focused on putting out a few more tracks in 2018 as well as playing more shows in NYC and we would love to play a festival in the coming months.



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