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Interview | Questions And Answers With David Moran



Interview | Questions And Answers With David Moran

In this interview, I asked all the essential questions to Israeli DJ/Producer David Moran. I think he has become a reference of electronic music in his country, after working for many years in his own radio show. At present, he’s fnalizing the last details of his debut album and currently, releasing his frst single titled “Delta”. Do you want to know more? Then check out below what he’s got to say!

1 – How did you discover Techno and House music in your life?

In the winter of 1991, I heard this track on the radio. It was “Get Ready For This” by 2 Unlimited. I was 14 years old and I thought I just heard the perfect piece of music in my entire life. From that moment I got “sick” with dance music and became a fanatic. I had to listen and discover more and more. I never stopped since.

2 – What do you miss the most from the radio show you used to host in the 90s?

I love the atmosphere of a radio studio, where it’s just you and the music. You have the power to make people feel good and share the music you love the most with thousands of people at the same time. It’s pure magic.

3 – What kind of music do you produce nowadays? How would you describe your own style?

Today I produce anything that goes from dark European style (Polegroup like Techno) to hard, hardcore and Chicago/Detroit influenced funky style. I like to not limit myself to just one particular trademark sound because it’s wrong and kills your creativity. I like to explore all avenues of Techno. This is why I also produce under different artist names as well – to let myself more freedom of expression.

4 – Is it true that you were working in the film and TV industry before getting serious into music production?

Yes, I graduated film school at age 24 and worked in the business for 12 years in different jobs. I also had a small production company and directed 2 documentary features that went to festivals and TV.

5 – Is your label Night and The City still active? If yes, how can artists submit their music?

Of course. Night and the City is active since September 2013 but right now no demos are accepted. Maybe soon, I really don’t know…

David Moran
6 – What’s the name of your latest production? What do you think is the dominant or catchy element?

Well, my latest production is my album ‘Spectator’ which is due for release this September. I think the dominant element is the diversity of style or attitude – every track is different and you can find tracks that range from dark & heavy to atmospheric, spacey and funky. “Delta”, the first single, is definitely on the funky side of things.

7 – When exactly did you start performing live as a DJ? Do you have a favorite club or festival in your hometown?

I started DJing 3 years ago. My first time was a 4-hour set and I played a “House 2 Techno and back” kind of set. It was really special. I played for people playing Snooker in this giant space and they were dancing around the tables, which is a nice feedback. Favorite club – must be The Block in Tel Aviv, with its phenomenal sound system.

8 – Are you keen on collaborating with the other producers? Who are your favorite DJs at the moment?

Basically, I’d love to do projects with other producers but that still hasn’t happened. But like they say, we have forever. Favorite DJs: Victor Calderone is a hero for me; also Danny Tenaglia, Oscar Mulero, Carl Craig, Derrick May, Robert Armani and DJ Pierre. I’m also a fan of Berghain’s Boris Dolinski – he’s a real bomb wether he plays House or Techno.

9 –Do you feel fulfilled in your music career? What new projects do you have in mind?

Yes. These are very exciting times because the underground music is becoming more and more popular (finally) outside of Tel Aviv, which is still the center of the scene. Also, releasing an album is exciting, especially a debut album. You have no clue how people will react, but there’s nothing you can do about it anyway. It creates a kind of “lovely” tension and expectation.

10 – Thank you very much for your time — Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Thanks a lot for having me on ELECTRO WOW. I’d also like to say a huge thank you for everyone who supports the underground scene in my city of Beer Sheba; my friends and ravers who come to every party that takes place and of course to the Chicago boys Robert Armani, DJ Amar and Unphixt for amazingly powerful remixes of “Delta”. I’m truly greatful. Here’s the official video:



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