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Interview | Questions & Answers With Corlioni



Interview | Questions & Answers With Corlioni

Corlioni is an electronic music producer whose productions are characterized by varied styles, which makes him stand out from the rest. In this exclusive interview, we talked about his catchy single “Destiny” and his general preferences about music. Continue reading below!

1 – Growing up, did you always want to be an artist?

If you mean being in a band and famous “for sure” lol, I think most kids want that but that has “totally” changed. All I want now is the opportunity to make music, in an ideal world I would probably just be a songwriter and let other people use my songs. Being Corlioni is easier because I don’t have to pitch my tracks, I simply produce them myself and put them out for people to hear.

2 – How did you come up with your artistic name Corlioni?

It actually took me a fair few months to come up with the name, the reason for the name is closely related to my answer in question one. The thing is I wanted to keep a certain degree on anonymity so releasing my music under an alias made total sense. The name itself actually took ages to choose, I used to work in Marketing so was aware that every aspect of the name would be important, even down to how it looked in print. I literally picked hundreds of names and tested them in different fonts, eventually I came up with Corlioni and the rest is history.

3 – Can you talk about the music style of your latest single “Destiny”, and what was the inspiration for it?

This is a question I always have trouble with, there are so many genres of dance music that it is pretty hard to choose a genre. The thing is I never set out to write a track in a specific way, also I like many genres of music, I would simply say melodic electronic dance with a hint of Tropical House. As for the inspiration I never set out to write about a specific subject, my songs literally evolve from the music and the subject matter evolves from the feel of the instrumental. The Director of the “Destiny” video was Menelaos Pampoukidis.

4 – Where was the video filmed? Who was the Director?

The “Destiny” video was filmed in Karidi beach, Halkidiki Greece. An amazing location and ideal for the song.

5 – Do you have plans to release more music videos in the future? Are you currently working on a new song?

Absolutely, I am always working on a number of tracks and am presently working on my next two releases. Hopefully they will have videos but we will have to wait and see, videos are a huge financial commitment so we always have to be sure a song worth the investment.

6 – What do you prefer writing or producing music? Why?

For me the two are totally combined so I could not pick one over the other, I actually produce as I write. Choosing the right sounds for me is critical so I do that as I go along. Due to today’s technology we are able to do this without hiring an expensive studio, to me this is awesome and I feel very fortunate to be able to do this.

7 – I noticed you like to wear a white mask on your face. What does this mask represents?

Lol, this is always asked. The reason for the mask is simple, I am actually quite a reserved and shy person. As with the name the mask gives me a degree of anonymity and I can hide behind it, if I did not wear the mask I would definitely wear a pair of dark sunglasess.

8 – Are you open to share your music for free with your fans?

Yes for sure, the thing is though you have to be careful with the finances. Producing and mastering a finished song is not the cheapest thing in the world, royalties have to be carefully managed and as a musician you also have to wear your business head.

9 – How much time do you dedicate yourself to music? Are you active on social media?

I dedicate a massive amount of time to music, there are some artists that create a ton of tracks and throw them out there with the hope that one will take off. That’s totally not me, I tend to work on a track for weeks and weeks until I consider it worthy for release. I also tend to write songs and leave them for a few weeks, then come back and give them a listen. This pays off because I always notice things that can be improved or added, this is why I never rush tracks. As for social media I am on it most evenings, I always try an answer fan questions as I feel it’s important to have a direct contact with them.

10 – What is your favorite quote and why is it meaningful to you?

Good things come to those who wait, very apt for the music business lol.



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