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Interview | Questions & Answers With Daniel Shaw



Daniel Shaw
Daniel Shaw 
shares with us everything related to his music journey. He discussed street performing, awards, goals and also his most streamed video to date, “Don’t Leave Me Now”. After reading our exclusive interview with this Aussie artist, be sure to connect with him on social media.

1 — So Daniel, how did you get into the world of music?

My Dad introduced me to the piano when I was 6 and he was the one that got me started. He eventually got me classical piano lessons which I continued up until I was around 18, completing all my piano exams up to my Associate Diploma. My Dad also used to listen to lots of Billy Joel & Elton John when I was a kid which inspired me to combine singing with piano and eventually led to me start busking at 8 years of age on the streets of Melbourne.

2 — In your opinion, what’s the best song you’ve ever composed to date? Why?

My favourite song I’ve written so far has to be “Used to Be” which I am planning on releasing next. I wrote this song a while back on an album I produced myself called ‘It’s You’ and I was just listening back to it one day and really thought it was a great song with good potential. There were certain things about the song I didn’t quite like so I decided to re-write it. The song details the slow realisation that a relationship isn’t what it used to be and the painful process of blocking out thoughts of the past and pushing through into the future.

3 — Where do you feel the most inspired to write songs?

I have a small studio room at my place where I do most of my songwriting. I generally tend to feel most inspired when I’m home alone in this studio with my keyboard all setup.

4 — What made you want to showcase your talent on the streets for over 12 years?

When I was 8, I was starting to sing while accompanying myself on the piano. My dad was the one that decided to help me start street performing on Bourke St in Melbourne. I really wanted to be like my idol Billy Joel and street performing was a good start. He took me at least once a week every week and I’ve been doing it ever since.

Daniel Shaw Interview
5 — Would you recommend street performing as a good strategy for newbie artists? What is required to do that?

For sure. There are so many great artists that started out as street performers and the kind of talent you see on the street is amazing, especially in Melbourne, Australia. Not sure what the process is like in places other than Melbourne, however it is usually quite straight forward. You just google “busking license” and your city and there should be some information or application to fill out. Some areas don’t even require a license.

6 — How many awards have you won in your lifetime as an artist?

I don’t do too many competitions however in 2011 I won 5 silver medals at the World Championships of Performing Arts in LA for my song “Hey Little Brother”. Otherwise, I have plenty of music and drama awards from high school where I was heavily involved in musical productions and showcases.

7 — The music video for “Don’t Leave Me Now” has surpassed 100K views. What is behind this success?

This is the biggest any of my videos have gotten and I am super excited about it. I believe the main reason this video has been so successful is because of the amazing work of HIP Video Promo & Quite Great PR. So much hard work and promotion has gone into this song and the result really reflects this.

8 — Clearly, in this clip, you’re showing off your acting skills. Was this your first experience as an actor?

No, this wasn’t my first experience as an actor. I have done various amateur theatre roles such as “Lucentio” in Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” & some lead roles in musical productions such as “Johnny O’Keefe” in “SHOUT! The Musical”. Also, I enjoyed completing Drama as a VCE Subject and received the 4th highest mark in the state.

9 — Was this song inspired by real-life events?

Yes, this song was written after seeing a Danish girl for 6 months. We both knew that she would eventually have to leave, but she found it easier than I did and cut it short saying that she didn’t love me anymore, and I was more like a brother to her. I wrote everything I felt one night while lying in bed starting with the words “I know that you’re leaving just don’t leave me now” and the next morning jumped on the keyboard, came up with a melody and pretty much put the song together.

10 — Lastly, what are your goals for 2019?

I have a lot of exciting things happening at the moment, some of which I am not at liberty to say until a later date. Some TV opportunities, collaborations with certain brands and planning to tour the UK sometime this year. Hoping to release my full EP ‘Cross The Line’ this year which will include all the individual singles I am releasing and more.



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