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Interview | Questions & Answers With Papa Roy Foundation



Papa Roy Foundation music

Hailing from the UK, Papa Roy Foundation is an interesting Dance-Pop music project you should listen to. In this exclusive interview, you’ll be introduced to a creative quartet of artists. Papa Roy (lead manager) discusses the upcoming single “Say,” which is out on the 26th of February. What’s more, the debut album ‘Out of The Darkness’ will be released later this year. Scroll down in order to get more details.

1 — First of all, what sets Papa Roy Foundation music apart?

Many of the songs that you will hear, you will think they are recorded in massive studios, with award-winning producers and major record labels. Whilst we used an amazing studio, the songs were mainly produced on my laptop at home. We were lucky to find a fantastic studio (NBR), with an incredible engineer where we laid the vocals, drums in some parts, and guitars. The songs were produced by myself and mixed by the studio’s engineer Mike. He has a great ear for music and sound.

It shows what people can do who don’t have major label budgets.

2 — When exactly did you start writing music?

I (Papa Roy) started writing music several years ago. It was time that the groups I was in almost got signed to a label. Music writing or being creative is what I call my ‘sanity check’. It pulls you from everyday life into a world of inspiration and being creative.

3 — Which role does each person play in the band?

Papa Roy – Keyboards, programming, writer, lyrics, and producer.
Rouge – Singer and occasional lyrics.
Marc – Bass, and guitar.
Skxlly – Vocals and occasional lyrics.

We also have been working with guest musicians on the album, some of who have worked with major artists such as P!nk and Ellie Goulding.

4 — What do you enjoy the most about your upcoming single “Say”?

It’s fun. It reminds us of festivals, sun, and laughter!

5 — How relatable are these lyrics?

They are relatable to most people. Many people will have come across the situation where there is a boy and girl, and all the girl wants is for him to Say!

6 — Do you draw inspiration for lyrics from fiction or real life?


7 — Are you planning any videos for your music?

Yes. We have both the official and lyric videos ready to drop for these tracks. We are already working on the video for the follow-up single but that has been difficult due to COVID-19 restrictions. This involves a larger amount of people in it including Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, and creatures of the night!

8 — How did you manage to create music together in times of a crisis like COVID-19?

Strangely, whilst this hindered the video making, it helped spark the creation of the album. At the beginning of the crisis when many in the UK were furloughed, I found I had time on my hands. Perhaps for the first time in a while, I could do the things I enjoyed doing. First, there was one song, then two and before I knew it, I had written a whole album. I am hoping that when people hear the single and even the album, it will put that smile back on people’s faces.

9 — Does your music fit in the category of contemporary pop music or is it something else?

Pop music/Dance. The album has elements for most people with touches of Coldplay, Faithless, and the fun things in life.

10 — What advice can you offer to other indie musicians?

Enjoy your dreams and try to make them happen. Think outside the box. Whilst we are UK-based, we are finding that we are gaining a good following in Latin America and other places. It was in Brazil we did our first television interview. I have known bands who struggle to fill a pub bar in England but can command large arenas in Europe. Also, it also does not matter about age. We have a diverse age range in the group, as well as the people we have been working with. It’s the music what’s important and it’s music that brings us all together!



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