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Interview | Questions & Answers With Shadow Puppet Theatre



Shadow Puppet Theatre
Hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Shadow Puppet Theatre is a Rock band making their mark on the international scene. In my opinion, the recent music video for “Mystery Girl” is awesome as well as their 10-track debut album ‘John Doe’. Discover more right here!

1 — Hello guys, where are you right now, and what plans do you have for today?

Hello from the other side of the world! (No pun intended ;-p) We’ve just released our debut album together with 2 music videos, so we’re trying to get the word out and spread the love. At the same time, we are working on a couple of new tracks so that’s pretty exciting stuff.

2 — What elements in your music make it sound so authentic?

We try not to constrain ourselves in terms of style and we like to focus on a vibe and feel, each song has its own story so we attempt to set the mood based on the flow of that story.

3 — Who is in charge of writing the lyrics?

Yours truly, the frontman of Shadow Puppet Theatre.

4 — What subjects do you like to explore through your songs?

Life, love and everything in between, plus the occasional positive message, because why not?

shadow puppet theatre interview
5 — When and where did you officially form the band?

Legend has it that the band was conceived somewhere in the middle of a muddy confluence in April 2016, but took more than a year to gestate.

6 — Why we should listen to your debut album ‘John Doe’, and why did you pick up that name for this record?

Because ‘John Doe’ comes from the heart. Besides, when was the last time you heard a vintage+modern rock band from Malaysia? As for the name, ‘John Doe’ was chosen to represent the nobodies, the unsung heroes, the common people, and serves to remind us of who we are essentially.

7 — How can you interpret the story behind the visuals of your latest single “Mystery Girl”?

If we were to interpret the story for you, that would ruin the fun and the discussion now wouldn’t it? 😉 We shall leave it at “A symbolic tale of anonymous digital love”.

8 — Would you like to share with us any funny anecdote while filming this clip?

During one of the breaks while filming, a couple of rowdy boys entered the elevator we were in. Noticing our eye-catching actress, they drew their attention to her and asked: “where are you heading?”. Conveniently the elevator door opened for our exit, and our actress replied “we are going to pray”, which cracked everyone up.

9 — Do you think there are more opportunities for artists like yourself outside Malaysia? If so, why?

Oh definitely, Malaysia has a modest population of 32 million people, so when you compare that to the >1 Billion English speakers around the world, the numbers speak for themselves. As is, we’ve got a handful of fans/listeners from the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, and Brazil, so it would be nice to have a global fan base one day, should the opportunity present itself.

10 — Finally, what can fans expect from Shadow Puppet Theatre in the next months?

A Walmart discount coupon and a tax refund. Okay not really but you could expect some free giveaways from us, and if Santa is feeling generous at the wrong time of the year, perhaps a new single and another music video.



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