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Interview | Questions & Answers With $ilv@



is certainly not shy from standing out from the crowd and it shows through his music. Known for his unique melodies, instrumentation, and structure $ilv@ constantly brings something fresh to the EDM scene with every release. His latest release “Al3xi$” came just in time for Valentine’s day in dedication to his girlfriend, after summing her up sonically $ilv@ release the track into the music realm to critical acclaim. We caught up with him to find out some more behind the scenes info.

1 — What was the inspiration behind “Al3xi$”?

The inspiration behind my single, “Al3xi$”, is my girlfriend, Alexis. She is my muse and the inspiration behind a lot of my music. I composed this song for her as a birthday present and released it for her on all streaming platforms on Valentine’s Day. I created “Al3xi$” to describe her in instrumental form. This soulful song is upbeat, energetic, lively, happy, positive, inspirational, peaceful, and fun. It is exactly what Alexis encompasses.

2 — How would you sum up the track in 3 words?

Energetic, fun, hypnotizing.

3 — Can we hear any of your influences in “Al3xi$”?

“Al3xi$” is pretty unusual. I tried to stick to some common EDM techniques but added unique instruments, not normally heard, or used in music. I’ve incorporated some foreign drums mixed with other world sounds to create this song. It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before. One type of music that inspired me was San Holo’s upbeat styles.

4 — What is your usual process when producing music?

There is no usual process for me when I produce music. Sometimes I start with the drop, sometimes I start with the intro. It all depends on what I hear in my head at the time of production. Most of the time, I start with a single lead instrument, then decide where it will be used in the song. Then I kind of build a beat around that and move things around accordingly.

5 — What is your favourite part of “Al3xi$”?

My favourite part of “Al3xi$” is at 2:44. It’s a hypnotizing melody which takes you on a journey and catches you off guard. It still catches me off guard, and I made it!

You have the build right before it, but it’s an unusual build. Not a normal pitch shift, riser build, that is common. Its kind of a build, but at the same time isn’t. The drums don’t break down and speed up like normal. The drums actually kind of slow down, bringing you into that mesmerizing section at 2:44. The music comes in soft at first, then rises. You have the powerful lead, and the almost crying bass in the background competing in harmony. They mould together as that section builds into the next drop.

6 — Where there a moment when you were producing the track where you thought ‘this is going to be great!’?

Yes. When I got the approval of Alexis herself. She’s a good critic, because she is tough. I appreciate this though; it makes me work harder. Once she heard it and actually, I knew it had to be good.

7 — What are you hoping to achieve with this track?

I’m hoping to further increase my presence as an EDM producer and to gain more momentum within EDM production. With every track, I try to get better, learn more techniques, and bring something new. I’d like to expose a more creative side with my unique style.

8 — Would you say that this is the typical $ilv@ sound?

I have many different sounds, but it seems like my unusual melodies and rises really play out in Al3xi$. I am not your generic EDM producer. I like to take you on a journey while staying upbeat, fun, and catchy. “Al3xi$” fits this perfectly.

9 — What have you got planned for 2020?

2020 will be a big year. I will be focusing most of my time on production. I plan to release plenty more singles for everyone to enjoy. I will also be performing too, and I will keep everyone up to speed with both. I usually post most of my updates on my Instagram. My name is @j_matarese.

10 — Finally, where can people go to download their copy of “Al3xi$”?

People can listen on any streaming platform. I will list a few here with links. Here is a way for listeners to get to all my links a lot quicker!!! –



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