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Exclusive Interview: Ultra_eko Details New Remix Album And More



Interview Ultra_eko
released ‘Into the Multiverse – The Subsequel Mixes’ on February 8th. It features 12 of his tracks, 10 of which come from the recent ‘Alternate Realities’ material, reimagined and remixed by enigmatic producer, Subsequel. Get all the details about the new remix album in this exclusive interview.

Tell us about this project, have you done anything like this in the past?

I’ve had a couple of tracks remixed in the past, but nothing on this scale. In fact, my original idea was to get a few tracks remixed to release as an EP, with a couple of new tracks. However, after Subsequel had worked on a few, I was so impressed by the quality of his craft and workmanship, that I realized I could build a whole remix album. Also, myself and ‘Subsequel’ work together very well; he enjoys the tracks, and I think the passion and love he has for the work really shows in the end product. I admired his attention to detail, the little touches he added, which by themselves don’t make much difference, but add them all up, and they help make a track that much better. He is a brilliant musician and I feel fortunate to have had the chance to work with him, and hope to continue to do so, although he is very busy with his own projects as well. What I like about doing a remix album like this, is that not only can you recycle tracks, but it also breathes more life into the previous album, ‘Alternate Realities’, from where most of the tracks come from. Hopefully, the idea is that if people enjoy the remix, they might seek out the originals. So in that respect, it helps to promote and keep up the momentum of ‘Alternate Realities’ as well.

Do you believe all these mixes sound way better than the original versions featured on the ‘Alternate Realities’ album?

In remixing these tracks, ‘Subsequel’ had the processed vocal stems, as well as the instrumental stems, some of which he incorporated into creating a new sound. One review from ‘Broken8 Records’ said that “Subsequel’s versions are more polished, sophisticated and arguably more entertaining, cutting away the rough edges and building them into electronic bangers.” However, others have said to me they prefer the originals, so I guess it’s a matter of taste as well. My own opinion and preference is for the remixes. I just think they are more enjoyable to listen to, more finely crafted, with the type of beats I really love. The remixes are certainly more uplifting, though there is a weight and heaviness to the originals that perhaps gives them a bit more depth; a feeling of having more gravitas, I guess.

I love the evolved hip-hop style you get on your records, how do you do it?

I don’t have any particular method or philosophy behind the sound of the music. And I’ve never felt confined or boxed in by genre. The ‘Alternate Realities’ album incorporated many different types of genre, from Hip-Hop to Dance to Indie. I think that’s what made it such an original sound. For me, the writing, the ideas, the story that I’m trying to tell is always paramount. The sound has to fit the story, the emotions I’m trying to express, and so I’m always led by that when looking for the right music. I’m not particularly influenced by any one artist, and my own tastes are quite eclectic. It is something of my own creation, direct from the imagination, rather than trying to imitate. I think you need to try and blaze your own path; not be concerned about what others are doing, but instead look for what is authentic and true to you. If you speak from the heart, if you are speaking in an authentic voice with your writing, I think people can sense that.

How long did it take you to complete this album?

I think all the remixes were done over a period of about 6 weeks, through November and December.

Which one is your favourite remix? Why?

I really like “Always on my Mind” – I think it’s a beautiful sound. But I would say the opener, “The Second Chapter” is my favourite. I like the lyrics I wrote for this one, and I love the Garage sound Subsequel has used in the remix, so for me it’s a great track.

The album cover looks very futuristic. What’s the story behind that?

The cover reflects the mythology I invented about myself and Subsequel, and the ‘Croydon Space Exploration project.’ This type of artwork is reminiscent of the type of art seen on government propaganda posters etc in Communist Russia. Those modernist drawings, the bold fonts, and the outrageous propaganda. I really love that style of art, and this cover is probably the best I so far come up with.

new remix album Into The Multiverse
Do you have another release coming up soon?

I’m currently in the process of recording a new album, but I probably won’t release anything from it for a couple of months now. I released ‘Alternate Realities’ in November, my second album of the year, and then this remix album in February. With these releases coming so quickly after each other, my thinking is that I should them a little breathing room, before dropping another release on top of them. Not only do I want to spend some time promoting these two releases, but also in promoting the new material, because I think its my best yet and I’m very excited to see what people think of it. I want to try and expose it to as many people as possible.

Have you thought about dropping a music video?

I do release videos for most of my single releases, which can be found on my Youtube channel. None of these videos feature me though. However, I have made a video for an upcoming release, and my aim is to now try and feature in all my videos going forward.



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