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Melina Krumova
The Drooble Founder is Melina Krumova – she runs a RockSchool where young people learn to play an instrument, and she is also a gutarist and a member of a metal band. Melina is a great inspirator and she is a real music person. In this exclusive interview she explains all you need to know about Drooble, which is an incredible platform that connects artists from all over the world.

1 – Do you consider yourself an artist?

I consider every act of a truly genuine creation and self-expression an art, so yes 🙂

2 – In short words what is Drooble?

Drooble is a platform that connects all people who love music and gives them tools to share their knowledge and inspiration, develop their talent and earn a living doing what they love.

3 – How the idea of Drooble came about?

The idea for Drooble was inspired by another project of mine – RockSchool (a project that consists of music lessons school, rehearsal rooms and a recording studio). I started playing guitar around the time I founded RockSchool and experienced first hand that music brings inner piece and harmony not only to me but so many others too. I literally wanted to give this gift to the whole world so I came up with the idea of Drooble. Fortunately I formed a team with some wonderful people who share this idea and it came to life. We believe in music and it’s power to change the world for good and we give our all for that to happen.

4 – Why Drooble is the best option for artists?

With Drooble we want to solve a few problems that we observe in the music world:

1. Music industry obviously doesn’t work. Most musicians need to have other jobs in order to be able to live. In Drooble we will give them effective tools to earn a living through music.

2. Music knowledge and tools for self-development are really scattered around and people lose track between so many apps, websites, etc. We want to put lessons and tools together, so people who want to develop their talent can be more focused and find what they need in one place.

3. Most music created nowadays is more of a product rather than music because musicians lack the mental or financial freedom to express themselves freely. Audience on the other hand doesn’t have the culture and understanding to support music and mostly consumes it. We believe if we connect all music people in one place, based on sharing, love, friendship and mutual respect and give them tools for collaboration, we can change all that.

5 – Who are Drooble’s main competitors?

The research we made showed we have no competition right now.

6 – Why Drooble is a free service for artists?

We don’t have any sign up or subscription fees. We also won’t have ads on Drooble and we won’t sell or rent the private data of people on Drooble.

7 – Are you planning to add new features to the Drobble website?

Yes. This is just the beginning. We are full of ideas but in the proximate future we are considering:

A store option for everybody where they can sell good or services, like used musical instruments, merchandise and music (bands and artists), song writing services, etc.

8 – How many artists are now using Drooble?

A few thousand right now. We haven’t had much marketing yet and it’s awesome that people are coming up just by “word of mouth”.

9 – Can people sell their original music via Drooble?

Not yet but very soon 🙂

10 – Why does music make us feel happy?

Music is a language which enables communication with our souls. Music heals us by allowing us to go deep within ourselves and become more self-aware. And this is a long-term happiness.

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