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Interview With My Music Grind’s Ricardo Pendergrass



Interview With My Music Grind's Ricardo Pendergrass

I was recently fortunate enough to get the chance to have an interview with Ricardo Pendergrass, founder and CEO of My Music Grind. For those of you not familiar with the service, My Music Grind is a new social sound platform  that is planning to have million registered users. My Music Grind lets anyone create, record, promote and share their sounds on the web in a simple way. I think this is the coolest alternative to SoundCloud that is growing at a rapid pace! Read the interview below to know more about details.

1 – In just a few words…What is My Music Grind?

My Music is a new social sound platform for musicians to upload and share their music and a fans to discover new music.

2 – How long did it take you to create My Music Grind?

My Music Grind started as a blog in 2013 which took me about a day to create. The new My Music Grind took maybe a week once I had an idea of all the features I wanted to include.

3 – What was the biggest challenge after you had started the new social sound platform?

The biggest challenge I’ve had so far was getting the artists to believe in My Music Grind with heavyweights like Soundcloud and Reverbnation. Many social sound platform come and go regularly so I think we have to let the artists know that we’re here to stay.

4 – What is the difference between SoundCloud and My Music Grind?

The difference between My Music Grind and Soundcloud is that we are looking to network and establish a relationship with every single artist, producer, dj or whomever uses our platform. You will never see a tweet from the founders of Soundcloud supporting a upcoming DJ looking for exposure. You will see that via my personal twitter and the company twitter along with our other social networks. We also have great features such as the drag and upload feature which is very convenient.

5 – How many songs can we upload via My Music Grind?

You can upload approximately 150 songs as a regular member.

6 – Can people download songs and embed the media player in external websites?

Yes you can download songs free if the user has a song set for free download. We also have buy links which may take you to Itunes or another online store where the artists sell their music on. You can also embed our media players on blogs and websites

7 – Is it a free service? Why?

Yes, My Music Grind is free for regular members. We also have a Pro membership that user can upload around 1,000 songs to their profile. Our pro membership is less than a cup of coffee a day and helps us put more money towards maintenance and marketing which in returns help the artist gain more exposure.

8 – What are some cool things you have planned in the near future for My Music Grind?

Some cool things we have planned for My Music Grind is our mixtape/compilation series which be released monthly. It will feature popular artists on My Music Grind and will be one of our approaches to break a record.

9 – What is the end goal for all this? Do you want to eventually sell this music platform?

Our goals are for My Music Grind to be the top social sound platform for independent artists, labels, etc. Although major artist are welcomed, we know the struggles upcoming artists face and we want to lend our knowledge to help as much as possible. We may become the go to guys when major labels are seeking new talent. No we don’t have any plans to sell My Music Grind but if Jay Z or Kim Dotcom would like to make offer our ears are open.

10 – Where would you like to see My Music Grind in five years?

In five years I would like to see My Music Grind recognized as the top social sound platform in the world. Don’t be surprised if we launch our own record label 😉


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