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Isaiah Mclaughlin Shares Dark Pop Tune From Debut Album ‘Paradise’



Isaiah Mclaughlin
Borrowing inspiration from Michael Jackson‘s song “Do You Know Where Your Children Are?,” Isaiah Mclaughlin adds his dark Pop nuances on “As A Parent,featured on the debut album, Paradise.

Originally written between 2016 and 2017, “As A Parent” raises the problem of abusive parents. Indeed, the pulsating rhythmic pattern matches its proper lyrical splendor while conveying intense feelings of distress.

Furthermore, you might not expect any other contemporary musician to turn such a complex subject into a genuine composition. At the end of the day, good parents raise compassionate and resilient children without using violence.

I have recorded so many different versions of this song over the years but felt like it was time to re-record it and finalize it.” — Isaiah Mclaughlin

Similarly, the independent singer-songwriter from Colorado Springs has a unique approach when it comes to crafting tracks. Sure enough, it feels bizarre in a positive way with all those SFX and heavy-filtered vocals.

However, the true beauty of “As A Parent” lies in its purpose and awareness message.

Believe it or not, the whole project was written, sung, produced, and engineered by the artist himself. So many talents in one hit.

To date, Isaiah Mclaughlin’s most popular gem on Spotify is “At Night,” which surpasses 220K streams.



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