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Italian Electronic Music Label ’99 WAVES’ Signing Talent



Italian Electronic Music Label '99 WAVES' Signing Talent
There are a variety of many record labels across the globe, but there are crucial aspects of what sets them apart from one another. To be an amazing record label dealing with the intense electronic music industry you must have a true passion and knowledge of the depth of the music to its very core. This passion is something that Italian house music record label 99 WAVES fully understands and grasps.

Formed in 2013 the Italian label was founded in the city of Siracusa to build not only a label but a family of music lovers under one common company. 99 Waves is taking everything about to the next level by only working with the best talent from across the entire world. They are based in Italy, but has a network of music professionals living and producing music across the globe. You can find 99 Waves artists from Italy to America and every country in between. Music knows no boundaries and can go across any language to make the listener really feel the pure energy an amazing song can have. This is part of the successful formula that 99 Waves brings to the industry.

Their A&R staff is incredibly knowledgeable not only with working with the best upcoming artists, but also being amazing event promoters. This enables them to bring the entire package to the masses. In the modern day and age people want to experience the music not only at home, but also at live events where they can feel the energy that house music brings for themselves. This is a community and one that respects a great artist and the live performance they give.

Some of the talented producers/DJs that 99 WAVES work with are as follows on YOUTUBE:

MACY featuring Kerry Reeve
Fanatic Funk featuring Chantelle Rowe
Sky Mode


Their artist roster includes such names as:

Gosh Crash
Nicolas Zuloaga
Lokka Vox
Tony Sinatra
Sean Martins



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