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Jason Rock Interview 2015



Jason Rock Interview 2015

Jason Rock found himself in front of a mixing board at the age of 13. Starting with the most basic beginner equipment and upgrading when necessary after three years Jason was adept at using professional grade mixing boards and state of the art software. Very quickly Jason went from playing at local school functions and parties to large clubs in New York City – his most recent shows being at Pacha NYC. Read the interview below to know more about this interesting DJ!

1 – Was music a big part of growing up for you, were your parents really in to music?

Music was a huge deal to me as I was growing up. I would have this little toy drum that I would be able to keep all of my other plastic instruments in and was able to make all the music and sounds I wanted to.

2 – What appealed to you about electronic music and parties?

The thing that I like the most about electronic music is the emotion a producer can put into one track. I feel that songs are short stories and when a DJ puts certain songs in his set, he is able to make a powerful yet emotional set and story for the listeners.

3 – How did your DJ career develop?

My DJ career started when I was 13 and my father bought me a small little DJ controller. At first I thought that it was a hobby, but as I started using it more and more, my parents soon realized that I was going to go amazing places with my little DJ controller.

4 – How did you get a chance to play warm-up sets for superstar DJs?

Simple, I worked my way up. My first ever gig was at a frozen yogurt shop near my house. Then I would do kid parties around my neighborhood and after I started building my resume, I was able to get a DJ slot at a basement and some no name club that I think is closed now. But then I contacted this club called Pacha. Pacha gave me the 5 o’clock slot on the MainStage last minute but I was thrilled. Then I would just hang around backstage and from there I was able to warm-up for other DJs.

5 – What’s the best advice you’ve received from a superstar DJ?

The best advice I ever received and that I always pass on was from Martin Garrix. He said, “Be nice. You never know who is going to help you succeed.” Since he told me that advice, I would always be nice even to the meanest and most disgusting people in the industry.

6 – What’s the name of your newest song? Can we download it?

The name of my newest track is a remix I did for Matthew Koma called, “So F**kin’ Romantic”. I felt that the original had great potential, and when I put my own style to it I was able to make it easy to play into my live sets seamlessly. You can download  the track here:

7 –What DJ equipment do you have in your studio?

My favorite DJ controller that I have ever received is a Pioneer DDJ-SX. I like this controller so much because it has the look and feel of two CDJs and a DJM.

8 – When you’ve done a remix do you play it out or are you so sick of hearing it you never bother?

Of course I play it! The best part about making music is being able to watch the crowd react to the music and be able to see other people enjoy the music you enjoyed making.

9- What’s your favorite place to play and why?

My favorite place to play has to be Pacha NYC hands down. When I first started at Pacha, they welcomed me with a warm hug into the Pacha family and they have been nothing but nice to me all these years. I’m sad to say that Pacha NYC’s last show is December 19th starring DJ Carnage. I’m happy to announce that I will be playing the final Pacha show but I am sad to end the chapter on such a wonderful story.

10 – What do you think you’ll be doing in ten years’ time?

Whenever my teachers or friends ask me what I want to do when I’m older, I always respond, “Something to do with music.” I could care less if I am the one person in front of five-thousand people or the one making sure that the lights are synced up with the music. I just wan’t to do something that involves music.

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