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Jesse Neo Talks Web Project GemTracks And Selling Beats Online In Interview



Jesse Neo Talks Web Project GemTracks And Selling Beats Online In Interview

If you want to buy backing tracks in a variety of genres, then I would suggest you check out GemTracks. This web project belongs to Jesse Neo, a British-Australian music producer, and singer who saw an opportunity when labels, artists and YouTube channels asked him to compose beats for them. Lately, GemTracks is doing very well and will turn into a marketplace soon so anyone can sell their own beats. We chat with the entrepreneurial artist to find out more about this great platform.

1 – First of all, what is GemTracks?

Gemtracks is an online store that sells beats and original backing tracks. The idea came while I was getting a lot of requests to create beats for other artists. I asked myself, why not create an online catalog where anyone interested can easily check out. This way people won’t need to consult me every time they need a track. So, I got a bunch of producer friends together, made a few beats and put them on the website. Slowly, sales came through. Then it just grew and grew.

2 – What makes GemTracks different from other sites that sell beats online?

While there are many sites out there that sell beats, most sell the same beat multiple times. Imagine using a beat in one of your songs and then realizing another artist had also used that same beat! So to avoid that awkwardness, each beat on Gemtracks is only sold to one customer only. The customer also gets the ownership and copyright of the track.

3 – Who is your target audience?

Anyone, really. I have had big YouTube channels buy beats, as well as indie artists.

4 – Do you think selling beats in a competitive market is still profitable?

Just like in any industry, the key to success is innovation. Technology is always evolving. The question is whether you can keep up.

5 – Do you allow independent Producers to sell their own beats through GemTracks?

I’ve been getting this question a lot. So, a few months ago I started working on the function and interface to do just that. Actually, I have way more features planned for Gemtracks beyond producers selling beats, but you’ll just have to wait and see what they are!

6 – How many composers actually work for GemTracks? Why do they prefer to work on a condition of anonymity?

We’ve had more than 20 to date, but many of them come and go. The reason why we all work anonymously is because a lot of our producers have contracts with publishing houses that forbid them to use their names outside of their agreements.

7 – How big is the catalog of beats? Do you give more importance to quality or quantity?

There are currently around 400 full-length backing tracks on the website. From a business perspective, I think quality and quantity are both important. You need quality to ensure customer satisfaction. You also need quantity to ensure all kinds of genres are available on the website.

Jesse Neo Interview
8 – What about exclusivity? Do you remove purchased beats straight away?

Yes, that is our unique selling point. Once a beat has been purchased, our website removes it immediately.

9 – Which are the most downloaded beats regarding their music genre?

Interestingly, rock is the most popular genre. After some pondering, this makes sense though. Due to our tracks being priced higher for their exclusivity, customers that can afford these tracks are older, matured men that grew up listening to 70s and 80s rock.

10 – What new features are you planning to introduce in the future?

Gosh, I don’t even know when to begin! The first feature will be for producers to sign up and sell their beats. Then we are planning to include website builders so producers can sell beats on their own websites too. There are more plans, but I’m taking things one at a time for now.



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