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Jewelry For Men – How To Buy And Wear Different Pieces



jewelry for men
Men often get up in the morning, complete their grooming routine, and throw some clothes on. Before they head out the door, they put on their wedding ring and possibly a watch. That’s the extent of the jewelry they wear. Often, they avoid other pieces simply because they don’t know what to wear or how to wear them.

Some men avoid jewelry because they grew up with a negative impression of it. The limited pieces for men in the past left them with an unpleasant taste in their mouths. However, times are changing, and more men now choose to wear jewelry.

For those who have yet to take this step, now is the time to do so. With more choices than ever before, every man should easily find one or more pieces he loves. Classic timeless pieces are preferred by many, as they aren’t interested in following the latest trends. With these pieces, any man can look effortlessly stylish.

When looking for jewelry for a woman in their lives, such as an anklet or bracelet, men need to check out pieces designed for males to see what is available. They may just find a piece they cannot live without. Head over and learn more at Adina’s Jewels about the items available today.

Purchasing Jewelry

Men need to approach jewelry shopping much as they do purchase clothes for work. If a piece of jewelry speaks to the man, he should get it. Males often overthink purchases and end up not buying anything. Don’t make this mistake. The right jewelry enhances a man’s appearance, so learn how to select pieces that will help achieve this goal. That is only one thing a man should consider when making this purchase, however.

jewelry men
Look for a versatile piece, one that can be worn every day with ease. This ensures the man gets his money’s worth from the necklace, ring, or bracelet, as he can wear the item seven days a week. Now is not the time to pick an exotic piece that will only come out for special occasions. With the right piece, a man finds he has an accessory that others come to know him for and one that helps define his style.


In the past, bracelets for men were often made from thick metal or leather. Times have changed, and these bracelets come in minimal styles today. Men find they can wear one bracelet or layer them for a distinct look. However, males need to ensure they don’t overdo it when layering bracelets. They need to find the right balance to ensure the look doesn’t come off as heavy or distracting. Men who wear their watch and wedding band on the left side may purchase a bracelet to wear on the right arm and balance their look.

Wear the bracelet as you would a wristwatch. Don’t let the bracelet slide around. It should fit against the skin and be covered by long sleeves when this type of shirt is being worn. Men may choose to layer thin cord bracelets on one arm, but avoid stacking thick, metal pieces. The same holds when the bracelet is worn on the arm with a wristwatch. Don’t combine a thick band with a wristwatch on the same arm. Finally, don’t wear matching bracelets on each arm. This provides a bondage cuff look that men should avoid.


Men often wear signet rings in addition to their wedding ring, if they have one. Experts recommend men avoid wearing a signet ring on the same hand as another ring. There is no reason to wear multiple rings on this hand and it detracts from the elegance of the signet ring. Less is more in this situation.

Males also need to avoid heavy or super thick rings, as they appear outdated. In addition, they aren’t comfortable to wear for longer periods. They become distracting as they get in the way of normal daily activities. Look for lightweight rings, such as those that are less than 4-millimeters wide.

Know that any ring a man wears sends a message. Historically, men wore rings as a sign of their position in society and their wealth. Today, any man can wear a ring, but a man showing up at a law firm with rings on every finger will give off the wrong impression. However, these same rings would fit right in at a trendy advertising company.

However, don’t let the opinions of others hold you back if you want to wear one or more rings. Wear them with confidence. If the ring feels uncomfortable on your hand, wear it at home first. Once that feels normal, put it on when you are around family and friends. Gradually build up to wearing it out in public.

Large rings look best on large hands. However, small hands will be overwhelmed by a large ring, particularly rings that have been handed down through the generations. Many class rings look too big or small hands as well. Look for rings that are in proportion to the hands.

Men often wear their watch and wedding ring on the left hand. Provide some balance by wearing a ring on the right hand. Men can wear as many rings as they want but go for a balanced look. It doesn’t look right when a man has five rings on his right hand and nothing on his left.

Most men prefer matching metals when it comes to the accessories they wear. If they have a silver wedding ring, they opt for a silver watch. A male doesn’t have to follow this rule, but those men who feel uncomfortable wearing jewelry should keep it simple at first. As they gain more confidence, they can branch out and try new things.

Furthermore, men may wish to spend time learning what it means when they wear the ring on different fingers. Most people associate the left ring finger with wedding and engagement rings. They don’t know that a man wearing a ring on his middle finger is believed to be balanced and responsible. When buying a ring for this finger, however, men need to wear it while engaging in common activities. Many men find a ring on the middle finger is bulky and interferes with things they normally do. It’s nice to know this before any money is spent.


When it comes to jewelry, men often tend to avoid necklaces when possible. They find it hard to wear them, but they shouldn’t. Men don’t wear costume jewelry as women do. Their necklaces are used to complement their outfit rather than overwhelming it. Necklaces designed for males tend to be rugged and rough around the edges. They are meant to look natural.

Bright, shiny pieces and oversized chains are reserved for celebrities. People expect them to be over the top. This isn’t the case with the average male. However, men don’t want a dainty necklace either. The goal is to find a piece that falls between these extremes.

Choose a minimal piece that feels personal. The necklace should look appropriate whether it is worn over a shirt or hidden inside with only a small sliver peeking out. Many men choose a chain that lands mid-chest because this style looks good with a t-shirt and jeans. Experts recommend starting with a 24-inch basic chain to see how that feels. Once the man feels comfortable wearing this, he can add a second smaller chain with a pendant. As long as the man loves both pieces, he’ll want to wear them regularly.

Men who still feel uncomfortable wearing a necklace may wish to start with dog tags. They serve as a common accessory for countless men across the globe. Most people won’t realize the man wearing the necklace doesn’t serve in the military and it’s a great way to ease into this jewelry style. Once he feels comfortable wearing this, the man can expand his options and purchase a choker or chain with a religious emblem.
Furthermore, the necklace material plays a role in the man’s choice. Some men prefer a chain made from precious metals, but others choose a hemp cord as the basis for their necklace. Leather thongs and steel ball chains serve as additional options a man might wish to consider. Nevertheless, men need to start with the material they feel most comfortable with and one that they can wear multiple places.

A doctor won’t look right wearing a hemp cord while seeing patients. They are associated with surfers and may give patients the wrong impression. On the other hand, a construction worker needs something that can hold up to abuse, as he works outside many days. A leather cord might be a better choice for him than a thin chain.

The first purchase won’t be the last. Keep this in mind and start with basic items. Men who do so find they gain confidence as they see how the jewelry adds to their appearance. If help is needed in choosing pieces, men shouldn’t hesitate to ask. The sales staff at the jewelry retailer become of great help in picking out pieces and friends may assist in the process. This guarantees the right pieces are selected the first time.

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4 Fashion Tips For Entrepreneurs That Run Home-Based Businesses



home-based businesses fashion tips

©[F.J. Jimenez] /Getty Images

Running a business from home can be difficult considering that the space you’ll be working in is quite different from the typical workplace. However, there are many fashion tips that will make the place look stylish while providing other benefits like increased productivity.

Here are 4 fashion tips to make the most out of home-based work.

1. Accessorize Your Vehicle

Even though you run your business from home, you’ll have to leave the house eventually. Whether you’re headed to a meeting or running to the grocery store, auto wraps are a great way to promote your business on-the-go.

Be sure you have your company name, logo, website, and a way for potential customers to contact you. You can even add a QR code to your vehicle. These are fun and simple ways for potential clients to access your website or preferred social media platform. All they have to do is hold their phone’s camera to the QR code and they’ll be taken to your site.

2. Style Your Home Office

Where in your home do you like to work from? Whether you have an office space or work out of your bedroom, there are ways to make your space feel more like a real office.

For starters, if you have a spare room, considering making this your office. This offers a great way to detach from everything else going on in your home. Your office should consist of the necessities: a desk, ergonomic chair, laptop, and supplies.

©[F.J. Jimenez] /Getty Images

If you’re working from your bedroom or kitchen table, find ways to make these areas feel more like a workplace. A great way is to eliminate clutter. By eliminating clutter, you’re getting rid of distractions. After cleaning your space, spruce it up with functional accessories that make this space feel more like you.

A few suggestions include:
• Desktop dry-erase board
• Stainless steel travel mug (and coaster)
• Wireless charging pad
• Seat cushion for ultimate comfort
• Small succulent for the aesthetic

3. Wear Clothing That Makes You Feel Good

©[Alexander Spatari] /Getty Images

Regardless of the type of business you own, it’s always recommended to dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable and stylish. The clothing that you wear has a direct impact on your mood, so choose your outfits wisely.

Don’t simply wake up in the mornings and start working. Wearing real clothes will help you feel more prepared, give you a boost of energy, and increase productivity.

4. Add Some Greenery To Your Space

Who doesn’t love touches of greenery in the workplace? Whether you have a green thumb, or every plant you touch seems to die, there are reasons to add greenery to your space.

©[Boris SV] /Getty Images

If you can’t seem to keep a plant alive for longer than a few weeks, consider a low-maintenance option like a succulent or aloe vera. These look great in the office and require little care. Why even add a plant to your workspace? Well, for starters, it will add a pop of color to your office.
Looks aside, it’s been shown that indoor plants offer several benefits, including:

• Reduced stress levels
• Improved productivity
• Cleaner indoor air

Final Thoughts

With these 4 fashion tips, running your home home-based business will be more comfortable and stylish. You don’t even have to implement all four right away. Start with one or two and enjoy the benefits each bring. With time, these fashion tips will not only keep you, your vehicle, and your office looking good, but you’ll see an increase in productivity as well.
What are you waiting for? Give these 4 tips a try!

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Men’s Guide To Dressing Up For A Winter Hike



winter hike

©[Christopher Kimmel] /Getty Images

There’s nothing better than bundling up in the cold and going for a hike. The crisp air, fresh scents of pine and cedar, and crunchy snow under the boots make winter hiking one of my favorite outdoor activities. But if you’re not prepared, winter hikes can quickly turn into miserable experiences.

It’s all about layering—literally and figuratively—to keep yourself warm and dry during these chilly excursions. Keep reading to learn how to hit the trail with confidence this season and stay warm.

Layer Up

Layering is essential, no matter what your activity or the weather conditions. Layering involves wearing several layers of clothing that can be removed or added as needed to stay comfortable.

● Start with a base layer that wicks away moisture from your skin, such as a wool thermo. I suggest you look for it on this website. You will find base layers that are breathable and comfortable yet protect you from chilly weather. It indeed makes winter hiking enjoyable.

● Add a mid-layer of fleece or wool to trap warm air near your body and keep you warm even when wet; it’s called insulation.

● Top it off with an outer shell jacket made of wind-resistant material; this will protect you from the elements while allowing airflow so that sweat doesn’t build up inside your coat.


©[Christopher Kimmel] /Getty Images

Opt For Moisture-Wicking Base Layers

Moisture-wicking base layers are made of synthetic materials that pull moisture away from your body. This is especially helpful when you’re exerting yourself and generating sweat.

Since they are lightweight, they don’t make you feel hot or clammy. They keep you cool and comfortable so that you can move freely. If possible, opt for quick-drying base layers, which will also help to extend their lifespan.

Wear a Heavy Fleece Mid-Layer

A heavy fleece mid-layer is a good choice for winter hiking because of its warmth, breathability, and price. This type of clothing is also easy to care for and available in a wide range of colors. Fleece is made from synthetic fibers that allow it to be soft and warm but also lightweight enough to wear under your outer layers without causing heat loss or added bulkiness.

heavy fleece mid layer winter

©[Christopher Kimmel] /Getty Images

Unlike natural fabrics such as wool, which can get wet and stay wet all day while remaining cold inside, fleece dries quickly, so you don’t ever have to worry about being chilled by damp clothes. In addition, because it contains some stretchy elasticity which helps retain body heat, it keeps out drafts while allowing your body temperature to adjust naturally throughout the day without overheating or sweating excessively due mainly to humidity levels being higher than average outdoors during the winter months.

Bring Your Puffy Jacket

It’s essential to bring your puffy jacket. A down jacket will get wet and lose its warmth, so you want to wear a synthetic coat that retains its insulative qualities when wet. Make sure to include a water-resistant shell so that the inside of your jacket doesn’t get soaked when it rains or snows.

You should also always have a rain jacket with you because if you forget this essential piece of gear, there’s no point in going out into the wilderness at all. Finally, always bring along a wind jacket—there are few things worse than cold winds blowing right through your chosen outerwear as soon as it gets gusty on the trail!

Don’t Forget About Your Head and Hands

You should also consider covering your head and hands. Wear a hat or balaclava to keep your head warm. Wear gloves on your hands, especially if you’re hiking in snow or ice. You don’t want the cold to cause blisters! If your fingers are exposed, they’ll get cold quickly and numb, leading to frostbite.

Wear a scarf around your neck to protect it from windburns and chafing caused by the friction of hiking poles. A scarf will also help keep your face warm if you’re wearing just a balaclava without any other headgear.

Protect Your Eyes From the Sun and Wind

Protecting your eyes from the sun and wind is necessary when hiking in colder climates. Several options will do this while allowing you to see where you’re going.

sunglasses protection

©[Christopher Kimmel] /Getty Images

● Wear sunglasses: Sunglasses with 100% UV protection will shield your eyes from sunburn and glare, which could be especially important on snowy or cloudy days when light can reflect off the snow or clouds.

● Wear a hat: A wide-brimmed cap protects your face and keeps it warm by trapping heat around your head and ears.

● Wear a bandana: Bandanas are perfect for keeping warm; they fit snugly under hats, preventing frostbite on sensitive areas such as fingers and toes. They can also be used to keep sweat at bay during strenuous hikes through hot temperatures because they absorb moisture much better than cotton, which leads us straight into our next suggestion.

Wear Gaiters to Keep Debris Out of Your Boots

Gaiters are a great way to keep your feet warm, dry, and debris-free. They slip over your boots and protect them from snow or mud that might get kicked up by the front of your shoe on the downhills.

When wearing gaiters, it’s essential to have a pair that fits snugly around your boot’s ankle but doesn’t restrict blood flow or movement. If they’re too tight, they’ll rub against your skin or cut off circulation so much as to induce frostbite!


Now that we’ve covered all the basics, you should be ready to hit the trail! Remember that having too many layers is always a better option compared to not having enough. The reason is that you will get an option to shed a layer when you feel too hot, but if you don’t have enough warmth when temperatures drop below freezing, it could be dangerous—and potentially deadly.

We hope this guide has helped give you some ideas for staying warm and dry in winter hiking conditions. If we missed something essential or left out any critical information, please let us know by leaving a comment below so we can ensure this post is as helpful as possible for our readers!

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Premium Quality Street Apparel And Accessories With Grind Time Clothing



Grind Time

Grind Time is an American lifestyle brand that offers branded clothes and mugs at highly approachable prices.

Grind Time emerged on the scene of men’s streetwear brands in a time when the world was beset by adversity. Despite numerous obstacles and challenges, Eric P launched his own clothing line. A business owner and a CEO in his company, Eric is also a hard worker with an enviable work ethic.

Grind Time offers a premium selection of men’s street clothing, streetwear outfits, and urban lifestyle products. Each hoodie, shirt, and cup in the brand’s catalog is a statement of both fashion and commitment.

The founder of Grind Time, Eric P shares his “story of grit, courage, and an undeterred drive to thrive against all odds, “stating:

“Through sheer determination, hard work, courage, and grit, I redirected my life, rising to the demands of entrepreneurship to excel in the fast-paced competitive business world. With my commitment, zeal, and above all, vision, I show the world what anyone can achieve if we only dare to dream. GrindTime clothing is designed for the dream chasers, those who strive for more in life and relentlessly pursue their goals,” — Eric P.

While many of Eric’s peers believe style should be expensive, the founder of Grind Time understands the value of money and work, as well as the needs of his customers. Grind Time products were designed to be uniquely stylish and hip but equally accessible and affordable at the same time.

Eric calls out to individuals looking for expressive, comfortable, stylish clothing to join the Grind Time movement. The brand is dedicated to its customers and is working on updating its catalog with fresh streetwear clothing products.

The brand’s founder imparts that Grind Time’s average shipping time is between three and five days; each order is followed by a tracking number so that customers can conveniently trace their Grind Time products.

More information about Grind Time is available on the brand’s official website.

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