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Join The Party With Schak’s Hit “Moving All Around (Jumpin’)”



Schak drops a music video for his newest dance hit “Moving All Around (Jumpin’)” featuring Kim English on vocals. The hilarious visuals show him leading a party truck through the streets of Newcastle in the UK.

One way or another, I notice this masterpiece highlights the sense of community in the city and features people of various backgrounds coming together. Not to mention, the upbeat rhythm is catchy as hell.

Over the past few years, Schak has been working hard on his music and has seen great success with “Moving All Around (Jumpin’)” accumulating nearly 10 million streams. He is also in demand as a DJ and performer, with upcoming gigs at venues including Mint Warehouse and The Liquid Room.

Schak’s high-energy and unique style is inspired by the Makina sound, a subculture in Newcastle with roots in Geordie pride and influenced by the 90s LGBTQ+ Spanish club scene. Makina is a source of unity and catharsis for the community in his homeland, Newcastle.

In addition to his infectious sound, Schak has gained a large following due to his viral Nanna Makina character, an elderly woman who combines DJ skills with mobility scooter tricks, becoming popular in the Japanese media and appearing on BBC’s Have I Got News For You.

With the release of this latest music video, Schak’s success is showing no signs of slowing down.



By Erick Ycaza

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