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Keen On Japanese Music? Riku (戮) Unveils “The Regret Was Left Behind”



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If you’re keen on listening to Japanese music, then Riku (戮) deserves your immediate attention. Nowadays, he is paving his way to a quick triumph with “The Regret Was Left Behind. Once you listen to the new single you’ll get absorbed into its perplexing emotions.

Needless to say, the piano is an indispensable instrument when it comes to talking about Japanese music. Furthermore, another common feature regarding this type of composition is the melodramatic tone that leaves you in awe. There exists no other vocal style which brims with passion and vulnerability like the one reflected on “The Regret Was Left Behind.”

Undoubtedly, pouring his feelings toward such a heartwarming melody is pure gold. Prove it for yourself down here.

For those of you who can’t understand a word of the lyrics, Riku (戮) portrays a sad story revolving around the loss of a loved one. Mourning is an optional extra but necessary especially because it helps you freeing up suffering. In the same way, his music facilitates catharsis from negative sentiments.

Riku (戮) does not waste time while expanding his horizons. In order to captivate a global audience, the artist’s solo project is in the right direction as it arrives in a genuine form. To put it in a nutshell, it is clear he remains fully committed to making authentic pieces.



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