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Keshav Bhardwaj aka Klipr Returns With A Hot New Tech-House Banger “Rotate”



Keshav Bhardwaj
The New Delhi based artist never ceases to amaze us with his absolute versatility. With his latest single “Rotate”, Keshav Bhardwaj aka Klipr brings a power-packed, heavy bass-driven Tech-House banger. The track starts buzzing as soon as you press play with the bassline slowly coming in. The catchy vocal shots combined with the intense synths and classic Tech-House drums move the track into an intense buildup and a drop that will be difficult to get out of your head for days. Klipr has definitely added another jaw-dropping cut in his discography with “Rotate”.

Keshav Bhardwaj aka Klipr, Founder of Streamin’ Music Group says: “I was looking forward to having some fun when I made ‘Rotate’. The idea was to create a track with an emphasis on the bassline and the sound design for the bass.”

About Klipr

Klipr is an up-and-coming electronic house and electro artist based out of New Delhi, India. Inspired by the international electronic music scene, Klipr makes music that captures the feelings of excitement and energy experienced at a music festival. With a passion for music and a unique drive to succeed, Klipr is sure to become one of the hottest new names in the electronic/house genre!

As Klipr continues to develop and mature as an artist, he continues to show signs of becoming one of the most promising new acts in the near future. Fans of Klipr can also get a taste of his music through his work as part of the DJ/Producer duo BlareMob. Working with his childhood friend Himanshu Chhabra, the duo also makes music in the electronic house and electro genres.

About Streamin’ Music Group

SMG, which was officially launched in India in May this year, was originally launched in 2018, with their base in Rotterdam, Netherlands. SMG is currently releasing music by Klipr, a solo project by Keshav Bhardwaj, and BlareMob a combined project by Keshav Bhardwaj and Himanshu Chhabra.



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