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Kevin Gates Gets The Earbutter Treatment



Kevin Gates Gets The Earbutter Treatment

Earbutter is a no-bullshit, hard working Sicilian DJ/producer with a relentless drive. Whether he resides in Florida or LA, he’s been keeping a strong profile dropping killer bass tracks such as Hustlas and Customers and Tipsy Twerk which included a remix by Rednek. Aside of the flawless production skills he also doubles as a stuntman in his own music videos. For Hustlas and Customers he jumped off a 30ft high bridge and performed multiple fight scenes. It’s always a surprise what he comes up with next and we can only guess.. But first he serves us with a surprising remix.

Kevin Gates and BWA asked Earbutter to butter up Gates’ latest single “La Familia” from his recently released album Islah. The official remix features a smooth 808 beat as the foundation for the twisted madness that will set trap floors on fire for months to come. The simplicity and ear for detail prove lethal once again.

As one of the most passionate people in the scene Earbutter always keeps it real and is a citizen of the world:

“I spend my time in many exotic places one day I’m in the jungle in Cabarete, I might be on a train in Italy, in Beverly Hills, or on the beaches of Destin on a boat with a bunch of Russian chicks hitting a wakeboard session but when I’m not jumping off bridges or enjoying any of the extreme sports I’m into I’m making music.”

Keep an ear out for Earbutter‘s forthcoming single “Bitches With Tattoos” in association with Riot Ten to be released Winter 2015.


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