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Kik Messenger And The Concept of ‘Kin’



Kik Messenger And The Concept of ‘Kin’
When it comes to Kik Interactive and the existing messaging application, we usually think of messages, games, emojis, kik boys usernames, kik girls usernames and even special sharing features. However, this application offers way more than just these aspects as Kik plans to bring forth the concept of a new Bitcoin-like cryptocurrency.

This will be a great initiative from Kik Interactive which further plans on solving a host of issues with this form of digital currency. Similar to Bitcoin, this will only be an online form of currency holding special value and significance. Better termed as ‘Kin’— the existence of this feature will surely add a lot of oomph to the overall schema of this messaging application.

How to Use Cryptocurrency?

The best part about using the same is that paid quizzes and other transactions can be easily dealt with. For the time being, Kik will be pairing up the same with the likes of quizzes and in-app purchases— if and when Kik brings the same into picture.

Apart from that, this will make home for paid emojis and special characters which will only be purchased upon using the same. The existence of a Bitcoin-like schema is going to contribute immensely to the growth of this application. Moreover, there is already a lot of speculation around this application which in turn makes it the best platform to include something like that.

How Will ‘Kin’ Help?

Kik is one application that has a lot of potential to grow beyond the basic roots of messaging. Having a form of digital currency can lend a lot of stability to the same. Kik online features will also make use of this form of cryptocurrency which is expected to hold true even for web logins.

While many applications have already added the sharing features, Kik Interactive is soon expected to include something similar when it comes to currency sharing over the app and among usernames.


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