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King Arthur Interview 2015



King Arthur Interview 2015
Here we have a special interview with an special artist. King Arthur from Puerto Rico is a DJ who wants to conquer the world with his infectious EDM sound and unique stage presence. To everyone who has not had the chance to check out King Arthur’s new album ‘Reactor’ – please do!

1 – What kinds of music do you listen to?

Electro, Melbourne, Future, Hip Hop and a bit of Jazz.

2 – Do you think that the music expresses your personal beliefs and identity?

It depends. Music is a language with feeling. Each song has a different feeling and meaning that is attached to a reaction in people. As a DJ and Producer depending the reaction and feeling you are transmitting in your story (DJ Set) defines how you are. Defines your identity.

3 – Do you have a personal philosophy? How would you describe it?

Not really but I often tell myself that nothing is impossible. When something is hard to reach it just means that I have to work harder.

4 – Who designed your robotic DJ suit?

I did. I’m a DJ, Producer and a Mechanical Engineer. I love NASA, spaceships and robotics. It takes me about 9 month to built one suit. Right now I’m using my 2nd version of the mask and 5th version of the suit. ( I’m perfecting my own design.)

5 – Would you like to share a special secret about you?

I have night vision.

6 – What are your favorite robot movies?

I-Robot, Transformers, Pacific Rim, Star Wars.

7 – Please describe your experience at the Latin Grammys

People don’t know but the backstage of the Latin Grammys can be an experience by it self. All the rush, about 100 staff running, all the sets are mobile for quick change overs from artist to artist, the mini interviews. Then your cue is up, you find yourself on the stage with Chris Brown, Pitbull, Wisin and the Kryomans. After 3 rehearsals the day before. Everything goes perfect. The pyros, the dancers, the lights. Finally the unforgettable moment after the show Chris Brown tells you “nice work”.

8 – Are you planning to release a music video for your latest single?

I’m planing to do music videos for the complete album. (12x tracks) because its not just an album is a story.

9 – What is your perception of the current EDM scene?

I’m based out of Puerto Rico. Over the years it has been growing and growing. I’m very happy so say that in Puerto Rico we have Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra and EDM events all year. Non-Stop. I’m happy to be able to do the release of my album: Reactor at Electric Holiday next to Hardwell, Dannic, Mayor Lazer, Showtek, Ingrosso and Carnage. An event produced by Buena Vibra and HA! Music with 20,000 attending each year in Puerto Rico’s Convention Center.

10 – Thank you so much for participating in this interview. Please add any additional comments or reflections that you might have.

I like to help others all the time and I’m very happy to say that this year (2015) I donated my time and performance in more than 10 events working next to a lot people to help raise over $500,000 to find the cure of Cancer and other health related organizations like: Susan G. Komen, March of Dimes, Relevo Por La Vida and some others.

As an Engineer I feel the obligation to help others and Puerto Rico to be a better place.


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