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Kraftwerk, The Fathers of Electronic Music



 Four Germans from Düsseldorf, Ralf Hütter, Florian Schneider, Wolfgang Flür and Karl Bartos were the first men on earth to play electronic music during the 70s. Originally, Kraftwerk was a music duo composed of Schneider and Hütter, they met at the Düsseldorf Conservatory in the late 60s, while they were studying together, they  became interested in experimental music, which was an innovative thing in those years.

 In November of 1974, Kraftwerk had become a band, and they released their first album entitled “Autobahn”. The album`s sound was characterized by the use of violins, flutes, guitars and synthesizers. It reached #25 on the U.S. Billboard Charts and #11 on the European Charts. After the commercial success of their debut album, Kraftwerk started to invest their money in new musical instruments and modern technology, and I think that`s the main reason for their success.

 Kraftwerk`s lyrics usually talk about urban life, computers, technology, post-war events, and most of them are very minimal. Believe it or not, the band is still active, if you have the opportunity to assist to one of their concerts, you will be amazed because all the band members are dressed with robot suits. Kraftwerk are definetly, The Fathers of Electronic Music, thanks to them many other artists have been influenced by their music. Perhaps, electronic music couldn´t exist if Kraftwerk were not formed. Finally, let me ask you one question, What`s your favourite Kraftwerk`s song? Mine is “Radioactivity”. What`s yours? . . .

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