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Kuvo – Social Music System Has Its Sights Set On The Club Experience



Kuvo - Social Music System Has Its Sights Set On The Club ExperienceUnveiled at ADE back in October, Kuvo is the ambitious new cloud-orientated hub system from Pioneer, designed to share live track and setlists information from clubs’ DJ booths to clubber’phones and a central website. The system which takes its name from a play in the Japanese word for cloud – aims to revolutionise the clubbing experience, giving music fans access to information about the music being played in clubs across the globe.

Kuvo, once installed in a club, monitors the output of Pioneer DJ gear, with the help of rekordbox, and streams track and DJ information to a central database, which can be accessed online or via smartphone app.

Users can access set lists live or retrospectively, and preview, like and in some cases, buy tracks. The system also help music fans find clubs, preview the music playing and even tag photos with venue, DJ and track information based on when and where they were taken.

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