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Kyau & Albert Release Highly Anticipated Album, ‘Distant Lights’




Kyau & Albert Release Highly Anticipated Album 'Distant Lights'
Producer/DJs Ralph Kyau and Steven Albert have been pairing their prolific artistry in the EDM world for two decades and as the famed Kyau & Albert they are embarking on their highly anticipated fourth studio album DISTANT LIGHTS. Their latest delivers a trajectory of timeless familiarities commencing with the idyllic and then building to a riveting, dancefloor sensation.

Tracks like “One” teaming with the expertise of label mates Stoneface & Terminal, and “So Easy” give us this effective, formula-building while adequately adorning them with the vocal trance euphoria of Steven Albert.

Guest artists include Neev Kennedy on “Let The Thunder In” which strays from the ensemble with echoes of a darker, moodier and harder perception of its neighboring tracks. Adaja Black, of the DISTANT LIGHTS predecessor NIGHTS AWAKE, revisits the Kyau & Albert collective with the warm embrace and weightless glide of “It’s Always Been You”.

Fans already favorably identify with “Are You One Of Us” featured on the duo’s monthly podcast Euphonic Sessions. And the same goes for “Relevant Angel” also earning its due relevance on A State Of Trance Episode, the award winning radio show by Armin van Buuren. But the positive, significant hype surrounding smash hit “Down” (as also featured on Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy Radio) has droves asking about the starring female vocalist. She’s the enigmatic, hot commodity known as Sofia. That’s all they’re giving up at this time (or forever) with her obscurity adding to the track’s allure.

Kyau & Albert push their genre confines as they continue to reinvent themselves dabbling in the reverb of dubstep surrealism on “Follow The Waves” while hovering on the verge of drum’n’bass syncopation on “A Million Different Stars”.

With their latest enterprising achievement they transcend their trance fluidity, drive their bassline ideologies, unleash an innocuous experiment and they once again deliver an uncompromising success story.


03. Jan 2015 – Avalon – Hollywood (US)
16. Jan 2015 – Family – Brisbane (AUS)
17. Jan 2015 – Room608 – Melbourne (AUS)
23. Jan 2015 – Home – Sydney (AUS)
24. Jan 2015 – Arkaba – Adelaide (AUS)
06. Feb 2015 – Ten Nightclub – Calgary (CAN)
14. Feb 2015 – Blauer Salon@Parkhotel [4 hour set] – Dresden (DE)
20. Feb 2015 – DNA Lounge – San Francisco (US)
21. Feb 2015 – Whiskey Bar – Portland (US)
06. Mar 2015 – Sutra – Costa Mesa (US)
07. Mar 2015 – Bssmnt – San Diego (US)
13. Mar 2015 – Lucky 2015 – Seattle (US)
14. Mar 2015 – Pacific Coliseum – Vancouver (CAN)
19. Mar 2015 – Ultra Bar – Washington DC (US)
20. Mar 2015 – Slake [open to close set] – NYC (US)
22.-26. Mar 2015 – WMC – Miami (US)
03. Apr 2015 – Trancefusion Pre-Party – Prague (CZ)
04. Apr 2015 – Trancefusion [b2b Stoneface & Terminal] – Prague (CZ)
05. Apr 2015 – Millennium @ Bors – Turku (FI)
11. Apr 2015 – Stereo Live – Houston (US)

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Tensteps Teases Album Release With 6th Single “Paradise Tonight”



Paradise Tonight
is here with another compelling production off his upcoming album. The sixth and final single before the album releases in full, “Paradise Tonight” is a striking new track released in collaboration with Sendr, featuring the vocals of Robin Vane. Set for release via Andrew Rayel’s label Find Your Harmony, “Paradise Tonight” is a powerful reminder why Tensteps’ signature style and sound is one to follow closely as he gears up to release his highly anticipated album ‘Infinite’ on October 6.

Speaking about the collaboration, Tensteps says:

“When Alex (Sendr) first sent me his draft of the track, it gave me a healthy dose of nostalgia. The whole track felt like it had all these elements of progressive house and progressive trance that I loved when I was first really getting into dance music -those Audien/Arty/2010’s Anjunabeats kind of vibes. There was no way I could turn down the collaboration on this, and I immediately got to work building it out and making everything sound as full and luscious as possible.” 

“Paradise Tonight” features the signature emotive vocals of Robin Vane, a singer-songwriter from The Netherlands who has several impressive collaborations in his catalogue, including productions with Armin van Buuren and Omnia. With songs that have surpassed 7 million plays on streaming platforms and have reached the well-known Beatport Top 10, Robin Vane is a top-tier talent in electronic music, and his inclusion in this new release adds a vibrant layer of colour into the mix.

About his work with Robin Vane, Tensteps mentions:

“I wrote the topline for this song myself, and when we met Robin, it was clear he was the right choice to bring it to life. He’s got such a unique voice that added so much warmth and character to the song.”

“Paradise Tonight” features a bouncy low end and a pounding, fervent beat that starts off the track, as a growling acid bassline and driving rhythms build the intensity. The captivating vocals of Robin Vane hold the focus, taking listeners into the breakdown where atmospheric pads, anthemic details, and intensifying elements guide into the drop where massive supersaws complete the vibe, providing a high-energy climax to the track.

This new release from Tensteps proves his skills and talents as a producer, showcasing his top-notch production and earworm, Pop-infused songwriting. With a momentum that is sure to continue as he releases his debut full-length album next month, Tensteps is raising the bar and quickly making a name for himself in the dance music scene. Don’t forget to follow Tensteps across social media as he announces new releases, upcoming projects, and live dates.



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Christina Novelli & Sarah de Warren Unleash “Leaving Me” Visuals



Sarah de Warren

Trance music devotees have a good reason to celebrate as Christina Novelli returns with a sensational new release. This time, she has teamed up with the talented singer-songwriter Sarah de Warren to deliver “Leaving Me.

No doubt, this emotionally charged masterpiece is set to ignite dance floors at festivals and clubs alike. With their enchanting voices entwined, these artists deliver a musical experience that is nothing short of fascinating.

Likewise, the whole track feels like a wild ride, cranking up the excitement until they both explode into a chorus that’ll totally knock your socks off!

Sarah de Warren
Furthermore, the accompanying visuals offer a glimpse into the magic created when these two incredible women take the stage together.

Shot during their latest concert, the official video captures the high-energy atmosphere that surrounds their performances. Viewers can witness the massive crowd being swept away by the good chemistry of this remarkable collaboration too.

Definitely, Christina Novelli and Sarah de Warren have not only raised the bar for Trance but have also created a tune that resonates with the heart and soul of everyone.

Positive feedback is pouring in from fans and critics alike, solidifying their status as a dynamic duo in the electronic music scene.



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Alphaville’s “Forever Young” Gets A 2023 Trance Makeover!



Alphaville Forever Young 2023 Talla 2XLC

Talla 2XLC and Gid Sedgwick have released a new version of the popular 1984 song “Forever Young” by Alphaville. Over the years, many artists have remade this classic hit, with Dune and Interactive having the most successful variations. Now, in 2023, you can enjoy a fresh update.

Clearly, Talla 2XLC is known for his euphoric Trance style with strong bass, drums, and incredible synth sounds. On the other hand, Gid Sedgwick is a rising singer in the EDM scene, and his vocals add a new dimension to this anthem.

Beyond that, the emotional part of this track features beautiful strings, airy textures, and a warm piano. Plus, there’s an outstanding music video that will keep you engaged until the very end.

Alphaville Forever Young 2023 Talla 2XLC

In particular, the catchy melodies are sure to get people dancing, and the climax of this release is literally eargasmic. It’s also perfect for festivals and clubs.

What’s great is that they’ve used the full lyrics from the original form, not just the chorus. To my ears, Alphaville’s “Forever Young” has never been this impressive.

After all, if you’re feeling nostalgic for the ’80s, trust me, you won’t be disappointed with this dope Trance makeover.



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