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Kyle Sexton, A Fast-Rising Artist In Kansas City To Look Out For In 2021



Kyle Sexton Kansas City
Kyle Sexton
‘s love for Kansas City is so great that he dedicates his recent lyric video to its sports culture. A prodigy guitarist since he was 14 years old, his passion for Blues Rock led him to form his own band known across his region for its covers and original songs. Playing at weddings, private parties, and corporate events on an ongoing basis also endorse his experience. It should be noted that Kyle earned a spot in the Top 5 Nebraska Furniture Music Anthem Contest, where his songwriting skills were rewarded. Additionally, paying homage to his influences such as John Mayor, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix is what makes his compositions so nostalgic.

In the same fashion, his first debut album ‘Weights and Measures’ is the best illustration that he has poured his soul into storytelling lyrics. Surprisingly, masterful melodies take you back to a time that goes in line with the sound of classic productions. A good example of great chord progressions and melodic riff would be “Constellations. Press play down here.

Kyle Sexton’s aspirations are endless, including being able to collaborate with other independent producers and musicians, as well as being recognized for his creative work. Currently, the fast-rising artist divides his time between programming, performing, and writing new stuff at his home studio. Definitely, he has positioned himself as one to watch due to his inner fire and joy for harmony and rhythm while expressing interesting experiences through verses.



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