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La Favi & Ms Nina Deliver New Fan-Favorite Song, “Bebiendo”



La Favi and Ms Nina have teamed up to deliver a new fan-favorite song called “Bebiendo. This Reggaeton track is already gaining traction on streaming platforms and social media, with listeners praising the catchy sounds.

It’s worth mentioning the music video for “Bebiendo” takes place in a bar and features a poker game session, adding to the tune’s overall vibe of forgetting your worries… Beyond that, the location also captures the essence of the song, with its cabaret aesthetics.

So, the Spanish lyrics in “Bebiendo” are all about chugging drinks to get numb and erase a broken heart. That’s a message that hits home for a lot of folks who’ve been there before, which is why the song is so relatable.

What’s more, La Favi and Ms Nina’s vocals complement each other harmoniously. Definitely, “Bebiendo” is a collaboration that was well worth the wait.

La Favi Ms Nina
In short, “Bebiendo” is a fantastic addition to La Favi and Ms Nina’s discographies, showcasing once again their creative ability to paint pictures with their clever rhymes.

And believe every single word when I say this fresh release is a new fan-favorite song and a staple in the Reggaeton genre!



By Erick Ycaza

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