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Lapili Gets Married To An Alien In This New Reggaeton Video



The level of creativity in this new Reggaeton video exceeds all expectations. Lapili is so ahead of her time that gets married to an alien after being abducted by this bluish creature. In fact, her new track “Abducción Por Reggaetón, revolves around the abduction phenomenon. In this case, the visitor from outer space falls in love with the Spanish singer. But don’t be scared, actually, he looks friendly and throws off his best dance moves to the dembow-like beats. Moreover, there’s a heavy dose of intergalactic choreography that will grab your attention.

Lapili Gets Married To An Alien In This New Reggaeton Video

Produced by Kabasaki, the final outcome is summarized in just two words, vibrant and energetic. Unquestionably, this is the type of Latin songs that are getting popular in English-speaking countries. I believe the people who have dealt with extraterrestrial encounters might find this clip totally hilarious. Stay tuned for more craziness, I can’t wait to hear what’s next in Lapili’s music catalog. 😄



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