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Last Call For Winter Hauls



Last Call for Winter Hauls
Warm weather is upon us, and Spring is just around the corner.  But before you push your winter clothes to the back of your closet, there is time for one more winter haul.  If you don’t already have winter staples in your closet, this is your last call to get them. Don’t worry about being bummed that you can’t wear your goodies immediately, you’re getting you closet ready for next year, which will be here before you know it.  Plus hauling when the season is almost over guarantees discounts on great finds. is the perfect digital resource to help you with your must-have pieces for the next winter season. is the only social shopping platform that allows viewers to buy items while watching fashion and beauty content simultaneously.  This new way to shop makes it easier for viewers to shop products that are reliable and have already been Hauler approved.  Hauls has the luxury to be directly and indirectly affiliated with over 40,000 top beauty and fashion retail brands, making each interaction with a Hauler and a product organic. These affiliations make it easier to buy products straight from a Haulers page. Each time you click the picture of a product you would like to buy, you are instantly redirected to a checkout page. Not interested in buying the item right away? No worries, Hauls will let you save the item in your Hauls closet to purchase at a later time. is about providing the viewer with a one-of-a-kind online experience, that can’t be found on any other social or shopping platform. believes that viewers will not only find items that they want, but be equipped with helpful beauty and fashion tips that can help them gain the image they want to achieve.  Don’t know which staple pieces to get that will remain trendy and hip for next winter season? Check out these tips from Haulers of what to get that will have you looking fabulous next winter season.

It’s All About the Body Suit

Bodysuits have come and taken over the regular t-shirt (the power of Beyoncé) and they have given jeans a more clean and spicy look. Bodysuits come in all types of different styles and will look good with a skirt or your best-fitted jean. Bodysuits can also be worn for summer looks as well as for next winter, so getting these at a good price is worth stocking up on.

Turtlenecks Are Back

Those turtlenecks your parents use to make you wear with skirts are now back in action. There are many ways you can style a turtleneck. You can rock a heavier one and pair with a skater skirt and tights for an overall polished look. If that isn’t your style, you can also wear a more light-weight turtleneck and use it as a layering piece to wear under dresses to double options in your closet.

For more information on Hauls and what to get on your last winter haul please visit, Make sure to download HAULS in the app store and follow on all social media platforms to get behind the scenes sneak peeks. Twitter: @HaulsTV, Facebook:, Instagram:

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