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Lavender Galaxy Drops Self-Titled Album & It’s Worth Listening To



Lavender Galaxy Drops Self-Titled Album & It's Worth Listening To
Are you feeling down? The new self-titled album from Lavender Galaxy will instantly lift your mood. This music project belongs to Massachusetts-based producer Eric Remington, who in collaboration with Antonia Fountain, Marvin Fockens, and Nekane, brings an infectious sound. Without a doubt, all these EDM-influenced pop tracks invite listeners to sing along to the varied melodies. Some songs feel more energetic than others, and that’s the case of the upbeat banger, “Livin’ It Up”. This is also one of my favorite jams in the new record due to its great dose of funkiness.

On the other hand, “Here You Are” stands out from the rest by mixing chilling vibes, emotive vocals, and a dubstep-like build. Nevertheless, “Lip Gloss” is particularly significant for Eric as it came out as the 10th year anniversary gift for his wife. Indeed, this tune helped him to overcome creative blocks, which lasted a decade. Nowadays, it seems that exploring new rhythms and betting for a range of styles, is the key to making any project worth listening to.

In conclusion, with over 25 years of experience in the artistic field, Lavender Galaxy shows he is ready to contribute again to the electronic music scene. According to the artist himself, this material is perfect while driving down the street on a summer day with all the windows down. Well, I could not agree more with this idea. Enjoy!



By Erick Ycaza

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