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Layers And Frames ‘Infinite Release’ EP Review



Layers And Frames - Infinite Release EP Review
Layers And Frames is the musical brainchild of Frederic Brewer, a French-American instrumentalist and songwriter who spent 4 years in China, served in the Peace Corps and developed a signature sound reflecting the globalized world.
Discover a world of sounds with his brand new EP ‘Infinite Release’, which includes 5 psychedelic, avant-garde & alternative  art rock tracks!   

Check out our track-by-track review:

1. Crossing The EP  opens with a magical track. A soft melody that was created with a psychedelic synth, perfect music to relax, it’s like a journey for your mind & body!
2. I Could Just Sit Here Catchy and infectious vocals, it makes you wanna sing along. Very good sound effects at the end of the song too.
3. Lovely Seeds 7 minutes of sweet downtempo + chillout beats. I’m falling in love again with his outstanding vocals . . . .
4. Take Control  “Take control of your subconscious mind“, I like the lyrics and the meaning of this song, it encourages people to define the course of their lives in a postive way. It’s a short simple tune, but the most beautiful too!
5. Infinite Release  Smooth, exotic and perfect for  a lounge bar at Ibiza or at the Caribbean Islands.  You’ll listen a delicate and melancholy voice that  injects some real soul into music.
In conclusion, after listening all these wonderful songs I definitely feel very good and relaxed. If you need this or more sensations, then grab a copy of this EP at the link below.


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