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Le Youth Launches ‘About Us’ Tour And New Song “Lost”



Fondly referred to as “the people’s DJ” by his most loyal fans, Le Youth is proud to welcome you to the ‘About Us’ experience, a new conceptual run of tour dates designed to bring people together, create intimate moments, and remove the literal and figurative separation between himself and his fans. ‘About Us’ will embody everything Le Youth is at his core: unapologetically himself and fearless when challenging the status quo. For tickets and more info on the recently-announced first leg of the tour, click here.

These won’t be your typical DJ sets. The ‘About Us’ shows will feature Le Youth firmly planted in the crowd (where logistically possible) and attendees will find themselves immersed in a unique setting where they are as much a part of the experience as Le Youth himself. With an all-new production set-up (at the larger events) one time only city-exclusive merchandise and much more, every ‘About Us’ show will encourage fans to leave their inhibitions at the door for a night of unforgettable, unfiltered, intimate musical memories like none other.

Le Youth
“It’s not about me, it’s about us,” he passionately states, accentuating that without you, Le Youth wouldn’t and couldn’t be who/what it is today. With the release of his debut album last year and the culmination of a 3-year sonic journey, combined with a global touring schedule, 2023 will bring Le Youth closer to his fans and community than ever before.

Ushering in a new year of infinite possibilities, Le Youth is proud to kick things off with a brand-new collaboration with Jerro. Featuring vocalist Lizzy Land, “Lost” is out now via This Never Happened.

“Lost” is everything fans have come to expect from Le Youth, uninhibited bliss and creative expression manifested into musical form. The LA-based artist and Jerro combine for a soul-stirring arrangement that radiates warmth. Lizzy Land’s vocals gently embrace the listener’s senses, generating a sense of profound nostalgia while delicately intertwining with a soft, heart-warming bed of instrumentals. Firmly entrenched as a household name in the melodic house genre, Le Youth’s consistent quality is without question.

Stay tuned for About Us Pt 2. and much more music to come.

Le Youth About Us Tour



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