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Learn The Art Of Wet Shaving



Learn The Art Of Wet Shaving
Shaving using electric razors and cartridge can be expensive; visiting a local barber may not give you a great shave as you may like. In such a situation you may go back in time to find the solution of wet shaving. Before invention of the replaceable and disposable cartridges and metal razors, men used to wet shave their beards something that probably your great-grandfather used to do. Even with civilization and increased technology, wet shave still remains a simple process of shaving a man can give himself.

The following is how you learn the art of wet shaving:

What is Wet Shaving?

It involves covering your face or the beard area with soapy water or shaving cream than shaving your beards. Available now are these foil shavers for men that helps prevent skin irritation. As review site ProductExpert stated, “foil shavers should be comfortable, efficient and, most importantly, get the job done quickly. The shaving process takes approximately two minutes. It is good to use a shaving soap since it makes long-lasting foam that is easy on the skin than normal soap. As you shave it’s good you do it in the mirror so that you can look at how you are doing it and also style your beards in a manner that you like them.

Moreover, after smearing the soapy water, you shave according to the grin so as to avoid hurting yourself.

Wet Shaving Equipment

To wet shave your beards you will only require shaving cream or soap, safety razors that have blades and a shaving brush. For beginners in wet shaving, it’s good to buy the three pieces of equipment at a go and use them appropriately while shaving.

If you are experienced in the wet shaving art you expensive to purchase all together but if you buy a good quality they can last even for a year. You learn more on wet shaving equipment by looking up for wet shaving tips online.

Wet Shaving Equipment
Wet Shaving Benefits

Wet shaving tags along a lot of benefits. To start with it is cost-effective when compared to other methods of shaving. Wet shaving is environment-friendly since the only waste it produces is soap lather and it goes down to the sink.

When one wet shave they are unlikely to suffer from irritations, razor burns, and ingrown hairs instead, one has a clean and healthy-looking shave. Moreover, wet shaving is convenient and can be done comfortably in own house with ease. Also, its consistency if you already have all the types of equipment you can contentedly do it as often as possible.

Process of Wet Shave

Wet shaving has the following simple process:

• Prep the beards by washing your face with warm water so as to hydrate the skin.
• Lather the beards using shaving soap or cream for a soft shave.
• Shave slowly, applying little pressure according to the grin.
• Wash your face with cold water to close the skin poles
• Apply after shaving cream

Wet shaving is an easy task that doesn’t require much energy and time. It can easily be done in your house at your personal bathroom. It’s hygienic since you will clean the shaving equipments yourself. It is convenient since it can be home at any time and in any style, you would like. Moreover, it’s affordable all you need to purchase is the shaving equipments. It’s a perfect way of achieving a great shave.

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