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LEL Brothas All Over The World Spreading Cool Music!



I was browsing the internet looking for new Electro music when I came across hit American sensation’s the LEL Brothas. The more I investigated this music trio, I found out they are truly a Hip Hop group. The unique thing about the LEL Brothas is that even though they are a Hip Hop group, their music crosses many genres!

For instance, they have had their hit song “Hatas” placed on the video game “Rock Band 3”. Also they have major Electro versions of their music, remixed by DavidDance, that have been showcased on Ibiza’s top 25 of 2012 “Hot Tunes” Albums.

The LEL Brothas are truly amazing and are currently touring the world! They just finished the Middle East and will be in Ireland this June for the “Beautiful Vision” music festival presented by Youbloom.

Check out this hot remix of their song “Hatas

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