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Lian Ross Claims Her Throne With Dope Remix Of “Disco Queen”



Josephine Hiebel aka Lian Ross, is back with her traditional ’80s sound in a new remix for “Disco Queen. Known for her retro-futuristic synth-laden productions and soaring vocals, the popular singer has proven she’s still got what it takes to rule the dancefloor.

A Minimalist Video With a Maximalist Track

The music video for the “Disco Queen” remix keeps things simple and minimalist visually, but this track is so dope that it doesn’t even matter because the melody speaks for itself.

While other Pop stars her age seem to be slowing down, Lian Ross looks and sounds as fantastic as ever. It will be exciting to see if she gains more mainstream success that could put her in the conversation alongside icons like Madonna.

Still Reigning Supreme

Her voice is as strong and stunning as ever on this remix, hitting those high notes with ease just like her previous earworm, “Live Forever. Well, Lian Ross demonstrates once again why she deserves to wear the crown.

Disco Queen

Synthpop Is Here to Stay

For those who think Synthpop is just a passing trend, think again. Electro-Pop, as I like to call the modern iteration, has truly cemented itself as its own culture.

Artists like Lian Ross are keeping the spirit of ’80s New-Wave vibrancy very much alive. She remains the queen of this genre and long may her reign continue.

Fans of feel-good jams need to check out this dope “Disco Queen” remix ASAP.



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