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Life On The Road – A Touring Musician’s Life



Life On The Road - A Touring Musician's Life
When the average man on the street thinks about the life of a musician, their first thoughts are probably jealousy for their glamorous and exciting way of life, however, the truth is a little different from the popular conception. Although there is lots of fun involved in a tour, it can be very hard work too, and while touring the country or even the world can be the key to great musical fame and success, it can also be a make or break scenario for your band as the pressure of living and working together so closely day after day grows and increases with each gig. Here, we look at the truth behind the rock and roll touring lifestyle in our article about Life on the Road – A Touring Musician’s Life.

When the aspiring musician thinks of the touring lifestyle, they probably think of stylish hotel rooms, devoted fans, and wild parties, however while there are some elements of this, usually the daily grind consists of long days of traveling, hours of sitting in airports or in a van, waiting in hotels or at venues, and the inevitable lack of sleep that accompanies this way of life. It’s no wonder that plenty of musicians snap under the strain, develop psychological problems or turn to drink and drugs in order to escape. While you enjoy the companionship and camaraderie of your band members on the tour, you are always missing your family at home and the friends that you’ve left behind you, and little things can be blown out of all proportion under such strained circumstances.

Of course, there are extreme highs too, and the thrill of performing to a screaming crowd of fans is hard to beat, however, the low mood that can follow a successful show can be difficult to shake off. The contrast between living a normal life between gigs that make you feel like a god can be hard to cope with and can result in breakdowns in relationships with friends and family. It isn’t exactly a healthy lifestyle either. With little opportunity for exercise or for nutritious home cooked food, a diet of burgers and fast food can lead to a general feeling of discomfort and lack of wellbeing. Not only that but the constant living out of a suitcase, packing and repacking is not only tedious but also surprisingly hard work.

The reality is that even without the worries and stresses of the touring lifestyle, being on the road every day is exceptionally boring. Without a good way of passing the time, it’s easy to go stir crazy. That’s why so many of today’s touring musicians have decided to try gaming on the move. Online casinos like Royal Vegas Casino give band members a way to kick back after the strains of the day and enjoy some private time enjoying their favorite games. After all, as any experienced musician will tell you, taking time out is key to surviving life on the road.

A Touring Musician's Life

If you are a musician hoping to get out on the road with your band, there is a sound piece of advice that you should pay attention to – try to achieve the perfect balance of rest, practice, performance, and exploration. Make sure that you sleep when you can, but don’t vegetate in your hotel room. Get out, see the city and explore the sights as much as possible and then you’ll feel refreshed for your gig in the evening. Getting an insight into the culture of the place that you’re playing is a fantastic way to gain a better bond with your audience. If you find yourself with nothing to do while you wait for a sound check or for yet another flight, don’t dwell on the boredom, but find something to keep yourself occupied. Remember that online games from sites like Royal Vegas Casino can be played from a smartphone or tablet wherever you are, or you could read a favorite book or listen to your iPod to pass the time. Whatever you do, make sure that you keep your mind active and that is the best way to guard against the depression that so many touring musicians suffer from.

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